Web Development Course
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Items Related to Course Content [7/9]

TODO Add content for MutationObserver

TODO Create a single day CSS class (Learning Spike)

CSS Courses [0/1]

TODO Classes examples are too complicated

DONE Add content on form validation

DONE Create a single day "Intermediate JavaScript" class

DONE Make Jasmine run code in order and stop on failures

DONE Create a single day "JavaScript in the Browser" class

DONE Add content for the newish fetch function

DONE Remove reference to bin/server.js (JS Fundamentals)

DONE Create a single day introduction to JavaScript class (Core JavaScript)

Items Related to Course Source Code [8/9]

TODO Reorder the labs in index.html to match the content

DONE Remove the need to have Node.js installed (JS Fundamentals)

DONE Move all spec tests to Jasmine Standalone

DONE Create a index.html file in www

DONE Remove the trailing semicolon in copy.js

DONE Remove the trailing semicolon in parse.js

DONE Remove the trailing semicolon in closure.js

DONE Create a Constructor Function Lab

DONE The Primitives Exercise Uses Array

  • The existing example is using "info admin report"
  • It should better demonstrate how classes can be used to style
  • all "reports" one way, then override admin reports. CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:43] CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:43] CLOSED: [2018-03-10 Sat 15:32] CLOSED: [2018-03-01 Thu 15:46] CLOSED: [2018-02-28 Wed 16:59] CLOSED: [2018-02-28 Wed 16:13] CLOSED: [2018-02-26 Mon 17:59] CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:53]
  • The only exercise that needs this right now is ajax.js
  • Move that exercise off to a cloud server?
  • CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:53]
  • Easier for students to debug in-browser tests
  • CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:53] CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:35] CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:33] CLOSED: [2018-03-12 Mon 16:32] CLOSED: [2018-02-26 Mon 17:23] CLOSED: [2018-02-26 Mon 17:23]
  • Update the primitives exercise so it only uses the primitive
  • values (strings, numbers, bool, null, undefined)