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Clean up the section on customizing the algorithm

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@@ -74,6 +74,17 @@ If you want to play with an interactive demo take a look at the

You'll most likely want to add custom words to the frequency
dictionaries. For example, the name of your application, your domain
name, and any personal information you have on the customer. Doing so
will penalize the score of a password using such information.

The `Text.Password.Strength.Config` module defines the
`addCustomFrequencyList` function which can be used to easily add
words to the frequency dictionary.

### Localization ###

Unlike other implementations of the [zxcvbn][] algorithm, this version
fully supports localization. It's easy to augment or completely
replace the frequency dictionaries and keyboard layouts. Tools are
@@ -101,13 +112,9 @@ Included in the default configuration are:

* Number pad keyboard layout

You probably want to supply extra words for the frequency lists. For
example: the name of your application and any personal details you
have about the person entering the password. That way you penalize
them for using those details in their password.
### Existing Localization Packages ###

The `addCustomFrequencyList` function can be used to add words to the
`Config` value.
* [zxcvbn-dvorak][] Dvorak keyboard layout

@@ -124,7 +131,8 @@ Most of the time is currently spent in decoding and testing l33t
speak. If you want to work on improving the performance I suggestion
you generate a profile using the benchmark tool.

[Mark Burnett]:
[Mark Burnett]: