Peter's zsh configuration files
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Peter J. Jones 022bc20cd5
Use `direnv' if it's installed
dot Use `direnv' if it's installed 1ヶ月前
func Massive spring cleaning 2年前
lib aliases: Remove unused aliases, add a new alias: `nix-unstable' 3ヶ月前
os Remove some old NIX_PATH cruft 1年前
wids Massive spring cleaning 2年前
GNUmakefile Fix @prefix@ substitution 4ヶ月前
LICENSE Massive spring cleaning 2年前 Massive spring cleaning 2年前
default.nix Add a default.nix for building 4ヶ月前

zshrc: Configuration for ZSH

Peter’s zsh configuration files.

Installing These Files

By default, running make will install everything under $HOME. To change that, set the PREFIX variable:

$ make PREFIX=/some/path install