Peter's XMonad configuration files
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xmonad Configuration

This repository contains my xmonad configuration.

Source Code Organization

  • xmonadrc.hs: This is where the main function lives.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Action.hs: Event handling. I have an interesting function in there called focusFollowsTiledOnly that enables focus-follows-mouse in the tiled layer but not in the floating layer. I found that:

    focus-follows-mouse + update-pointer + floating-windows = weird-stuff
  • src/XMonad/Local/Keys.hs: All of my key bindings, grouped by functionality.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Layout.hs: Layout rules.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Log.hs: Log hook,

  • src/XMonad/Local/Music.hs: Functions to switch radio stations and select albums to play in MPD.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Prompt.hs: XPrompt configuration.

  • src/XMonad/Local/Workspaces.hs: The names of my workspaces plus project configuration for XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects.


Tree Column Layout (My Primary Layout)

Master window is in the center. All other windows automatically balance between the two side columns.

Grid Layout (For Chat Windows)

A 3x2 grid.

Focus Layout

Focuses in on windows tagged “focus”. Other windows are moved up into a top bar.