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# xmonad Configuration

This repository contains my [xmonad] [] configuration. I thought I'd
share it with the rest of the world because I'm doing a few
interesting things:

1. I use either [stack][] or Cabal to build xmonad and compile my
configuration into an executable (`xmonadrc`). This allows me to
easily use my custom `xmonad` and `xmonad-contrib` sources (in

Thanks to changes in `xmonad` version 0.13, It's really easy for
me to use my `xmonadrc` executable in my `~/.xinitrc` instead of
starting `xmonad` directly.

Note: I actually compile everything
using [my custom nixpkgs script] [xmonadrc.nix]. This brings in
all the dependencies needed to build everything in this repo.

2. The `checkrc` executable that is built with [stack][] and boots a
mini xmonad environment in order to test my configuration before
restarting. Right now it's only testing the key bindings.

3. The majority of my key bindings are underneath a prefix key:
`C-z`. Being a long time user of tools like GNU screen, tmux,
and Emacs, I've become very accustomed to prefix keys. I quite
like them.
This repository contains my [xmonad][] configuration.

## Source Code Organization

@@ -54,15 +30,37 @@ interesting things:

## Screenshots

### Tree Column Layout (My Primary Layout)

Master window is in the center. All other windows automatically
balance between the two side columns.

<a href="">
<img style="max-width: 400px" src=""/>

### Grid Layout (For Chat Windows)

A 3x2 grid.

<a href="">
<img style="max-width: 400px" src=""/>

### Focus Layout

Focuses in on windows tagged "focus". Other windows are moved up into
a top bar.

<a href="">
<img style="max-width: 400px" src=""/>
<a href="">
<img style="max-width: 400px" src=""/>