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  pjones f0c3960885 add project 13 years ago
  pjones 9b6093f46e add more ruby stuff 13 years ago
  pjones 9ec2c6cc1b add eruby syntax highlighting 13 years ago
  pjones 1dbfb7af8b add jam support back in 13 years ago
  pjones 4efdde56ea add function to wrap text at 76 columns now that I have tw=320 14 years ago
  pjones b13e1394da add an install script 14 years ago
  pjones b0157958cd add 'use gay indent' 14 years ago
  pjones 95c3973afd add changes from chuck 14 years ago
  pjones a160cae1ff fix a few things 14 years ago
  pjones b0737f360b import from my filesystem 14 years ago
  pjones 637769f831 sc: creating vimrc module 14 years ago