Automate Haskell development with nixpkgs
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Haskell + nixpkgs = nix-hs

Are you a Haskell programmer? Do you use nixpkgs? Want to make using those two together really simple? You’re in luck.

This project provides a set of Nix files and a tool called nix-hs that makes working with Haskell projects very simple. For starters, Nix files are automatically generated and updated as needed. Other features include:

  • Works with both cabal and stack
  • Build with profiling using a command line option
  • Easily use any version of GHC in nixpkgs
  • Interactive development and package generation

Installing nix-hs

Coming soon…

Hint: Install it as an overlay.

Interactive Development

Coming soon…

Hint: $ nix-hs -h

Making a Private Package for nixpkgs

Coming soon…

Other Things You Should Know

  • In order to be idempotent, nix-hs runs cabal without a configuration file (usually ~/.cabal/config). This also keeps cabal from downloading packages from hackage.