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  Peter J. Jones ec3e45777a
Remove unneeded repl args, don't pass `repl' to the repl 36 minutes ago
  Peter J. Jones 6d2a9f75d8
Pass extra repl options on to cabal 42 minutes ago
  Peter J. Jones 0211a56b72
Switch to Cabal v2 style aliases 4 days ago
  Peter J. Jones 4a9ea2c8c6
Remove support for stack and make, align with current nixpkgs 1 month ago
  Peter J. Jones b5e5d9947d nix-hs: invert -H, load custom nixpkgs 8 months ago
  Peter J. Jones b8cfdc84b6 Actually enable profiling, new flag to disable Haddocks 10 months ago
  Peter J. Jones e3911697f0 New commands and support for multiple versions in -c argument 1 year ago
  Peter J. Jones 320db663be Officially rename this project to Phoebe 1 year ago