Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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The ErgoDone is a modified version of the ErgoDox, made by K.T.E.C., with pre-soldered components. It has different wiring and uses a SparkFun Pro Micro instead of Teensy.

  • Keyboard maintainer: Yu He
  • Hardware supported:
    • ErgoDone v1.3 (tested)
  • Hardware availability:

Building the firmware

Install the build tools.

In the root directory of the repository, build the firmware with a command like:

make ergodone:default

For more information on the layout option and other ones, see the make guide.

Flashing the firmware onto the keyboard

The ErgoDone uses a customized HID bootloader rather than the Teensy one. It doesn’t need an OS driver, and the required actions before flashing are a little different than with an ErgoDox.

  1. To enter flash mode, disconnect the keyboard first. Then, on the left-hand device, in the top row, press and hold the two rightmost keys while reconnecting the keyboard. Ergodone Flash Mode
  2. To flash the .hex file, use the hid_bootloader_cli utlity from the TKG Toolkit (as of 2017-10-03, only this old version works under Windows):

    hid_bootloader_cli -mmcu=atmega32u4 ergodone_default.hex