Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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This is a dvorak based layout for the Atreus. Its basic key layout is similar to the ergodox_ez “dvorak_42_key” layout. In fact this layout was created for seamless switching between the Ergodox EZ and Atreus.

How to build and flash

to build; make atreus:dvorak_42_key

to flash: avrdude -p atmega32u4 -c avr109 -U flash:w:atreus_dvorak_42_key.hex -P COM7


  • BASE: basic dvorak layout
  • KEYNAV: arrow-key navigation. Momentary toggle held by thumb allows the right hand to navigate through text as well as copy/paste/cut, page up/page down
  • KEYSEL: similar to KEYNAV, except for shift-selection
  • COMBINED: this is a layer that combines numbers, brackets and special characters. !@#$%^&*( can be type by shift+COMBINED+1/2/3/etc..
  • MOUSE: mouse navigation, as well as browser tab-left/tab-right shortcuts