Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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Space Cadet Shift Enter

Based on the Space Cadet Shift feature. Tap the Shift key on its own, and it behaves like Enter. When held, the Shift functions as normal.


Replace any Shift key in your keymap with KC_SFTENT (Shift, Enter), and you're done.


Keycode Description
KC_SFTENT Right Shift when held, Enter when tapped


As with Space Cadet Shift, this feature may conflict with Command, so it should be disabled in your with:


This feature also uses the same timers as Space Cadet Shift, so using them in tandem may produce strange results.


By default Space Cadet assumes a US ANSI layout, but if you'd like to use a different key for Enter, you can redefine it in your config.h:

Define Default Description
SFTENT_KEY KC_ENT The keycode to send when the Shift key is tapped