Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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Stanrc85’s Standard ANSI 60% Layout

Shared keymap between two 60% PCB:

  • 1upkeyboards60HSE
  • DZ60 (hotswap)

Keymap Notes

  • Layer 0 is default QWERTY layout with additional custom features:
    • SpaceFN to function layer 2 on Space
    • CTRL when held and ESC when tapped on CAPS LOCK
    • Tap Dance on Fn1 for CTRL+ALT+DEL and WIN+L
    • Tap Dance on ESC for ESC and `

Base QWERTY Layer

  • Layer 1 is default QWERTY with no custom features used mostly for gaming
    • Enabled by Fn2+CAPS from base layer

Default ANSI Layer

  • Layer 2 is Function layer:
    • F keys
    • Arrows
    • Volume and Media controls
    • AutoHotkey shortcuts based on Speaker Control script
      • AHK Mic is used to mute/unmute microphone
      • AHK Speaker switches audio output between headphones and speakers

Function Layer

  • Layer 3 is RGB Underglow control and RESET
    • Fn2+CAPS used to toggle Default QWERTY layer on and off

RGB and RESET Layer


To build the firmware file associated with this keymap, simply run make your_keyboard:stanrc85-ansi.