Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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XScorpion2 c98247e3dd RGB Matrix Overhaul (#5372) 8 mesi fa
arm_atsam/packs CTRL keyboard bootloader_jump support 1 anno fa
chibios @ 587968d6cb Merge ChibiOS and LUFA descriptor support (#2362) 1 anno fa
chibios-contrib @ ede48346ee Revert changes to chibiOS-contrib (#4176) 1 anno fa
googletest @ ec44c6c167 Add Google Test submodule 3 anni fa
lib8tion RGB Matrix Overhaul (#5372) 8 mesi fa
lufa Fix mismatched aliased event and event stub function prototypes. 1 anno fa
ugfx @ 3e97b74e03 Update uGFX and Chibios submodules + fixes (#1363) 2 anni fa