Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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LED Matrix Lighting

This feature allows you to use LED matrices driven by external drivers. It hooks into the backlight system so you can use the same keycodes as backlighting to control it.

If you want to use RGB LED’s you should use the RGB Matrix Subsystem instead.

Driver configuration


There is basic support for addressable LED matrix lighting with the I2C IS31FL3731 RGB controller. To enable it, add this to your


You can use between 1 and 4 IS31FL3731 IC’s. Do not specify LED_DRIVER_ADDR_<N> defines for IC’s that are not present on your keyboard. You can define the following items in config.h:

Variable Description Default
ISSI_TIMEOUT (Optional) How long to wait for i2c messages 100
ISSI_PERSISTENCE (Optional) Retry failed messages this many times 0
LED_DRIVER_COUNT (Required) How many LED driver IC’s are present
LED_DRIVER_LED_COUNT (Required) How many LED lights are present across all drivers
LED_DRIVER_ADDR_1 (Required) Address for the first LED driver
LED_DRIVER_ADDR_2 (Optional) Address for the second LED driver
LED_DRIVER_ADDR_3 (Optional) Address for the third LED driver
LED_DRIVER_ADDR_4 (Optional) Address for the fourth LED driver

Here is an example using 2 drivers.

// This is a 7-bit address, that gets left-shifted and bit 0
// set to 0 for write, 1 for read (as per I2C protocol)
// The address will vary depending on your wiring:
// 0b1110100 AD <-> GND
// 0b1110111 AD <-> VCC
// 0b1110101 AD <-> SCL
// 0b1110110 AD <-> SDA
#define LED_DRIVER_ADDR_1 0b1110100
#define LED_DRIVER_ADDR_2 0b1110110


Currently only 2 drivers are supported, but it would be trivial to support all 4 combinations.

Define these arrays listing all the LEDs in your <keyboard>.c:

const is31_led g_is31_leds[DRIVER_LED_TOTAL] = {
/* Refer to IS31 manual for these locations
 *   driver
 *   |  LED address
 *   |  | */
    {0, C3_3},

Where Cx_y is the location of the LED in the matrix defined by the datasheet and the header file drivers/issi/is31fl3731-simple.h. The driver is the index of the driver you defined in your config.h (0, 1, 2, or 3 ).


All LED matrix keycodes are currently shared with the backlight system.

LED Matrix Effects

Currently no LED matrix effects have been created.

Custom layer effects

Custom layer effects can be done by defining this in your <keyboard>.c:

void led_matrix_indicators_kb(void) {
    led_matrix_set_index_value(index, value);

A similar function works in the keymap as led_matrix_indicators_user.

Suspended state

To use the suspend feature, add this to your <keyboard>.c:

void suspend_power_down_kb(void)

void suspend_wakeup_init_kb(void)