Peter's keyboard firmware (QMK)
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Command, formerly known as Magic, is a way to change your keyboard’s behavior without having to flash or unplug it to use Bootmagic. There is a lot of overlap between this functionality and the Bootmagic Keycodes. Wherever possible we encourage you to use that feature instead of Command.

On some keyboards Command is disabled by default. If this is the case, it must be explicitly enabled in your



To use Command, hold down the key combination defined by the IS_COMMAND() macro. By default this is Left Shift+Right Shift. Then, press the key corresponding to the command you want. For example, to output the current QMK version to the QMK Toolbox console, press Left Shift+Right Shift+V.


If you would like to change the key assignments for Command, #define these in your config.h at either the keyboard or keymap level. All keycode assignments here must omit the KC_ prefix.

Define Default Description
IS_COMMAND() (get_mods() == (MOD_BIT(KC_LSHIFT) | MOD_BIT(KC_RSHIFT))) The key combination to activate Command
MAGIC_KEY_SWITCH_LAYER_WITH_FKEYS true Set default layer with the Function row
MAGIC_KEY_SWITCH_LAYER_WITH_NKEYS true Set default layer with the number keys
MAGIC_KEY_DEBUG D Toggle debugging over serial
MAGIC_KEY_DEBUG_MATRIX X Toggle key matrix debugging
MAGIC_KEY_DEBUG_KBD K Toggle keyboard debugging
MAGIC_KEY_DEBUG_MOUSE M Toggle mouse debugging
MAGIC_KEY_CONSOLE C Enable the Command console
MAGIC_KEY_VERSION V Print the running QMK version to the console
MAGIC_KEY_STATUS S Print the current keyboard status to the console
MAGIC_KEY_HELP H Print Command help to the console
MAGIC_KEY_HELP_ALT SLASH Print Command help to the console (alternate)
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER0 0 Make layer 0 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER0_ALT GRAVE Make layer 0 the default layer (alternate)
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER1 1 Make layer 1 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER2 2 Make layer 2 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER3 3 Make layer 3 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER4 4 Make layer 4 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER5 5 Make layer 5 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER6 6 Make layer 6 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER7 7 Make layer 7 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER8 8 Make layer 8 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_LAYER9 9 Make layer 9 the default layer
MAGIC_KEY_BOOTLOADER B Jump to bootloader
MAGIC_KEY_BOOTLOADER_ALT ESC Jump to bootloader (alternate)
MAGIC_KEY_LOCK CAPS Lock the keyboard so nothing can be typed
MAGIC_KEY_EEPROM E Print stored EEPROM config to the console
MAGIC_KEY_NKRO N Toggle N-Key Rollover (NKRO)
MAGIC_KEY_SLEEP_LED Z Toggle LED when computer is sleeping