7377 Commits (c0baf2a964b10d708281c704c0b049a1cf0f4914)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Seebs c0baf2a964 Improve state/chord handling and clean up namespace 2 years ago
  MechMerlin 5f4c2dfd84 Fix some Configurator Warnings regarding LAYOUT vs KEYMAP (#2708) 1 year ago
  Yan-Fa Li b7dc17ef33 Small fixes to TKC1800 1 year ago
  MechMerlin a859a2ee96 Fix KC60 info.json file (#2707) 1 year ago
  Paul Ewing 0f0c2da983 Add the Speedo keyboard 1 year ago
  Yan-Fa Li d78e630641 Clueboard 60 info.json 1 year ago
  mdnt 8478ef648f Add TKC1800 info.json 1 year ago
  Yan-Fa Li 4cb7907547 Add 2 missing F-Row keys 1 year ago
  Yan-Fa Li 25b1d02157 Adds Phantom TKL support (#2696) 1 year ago
  Daniel H Klein 4feaf1fd76 Add Nyquist keymap (#2692) 1 year ago
  Maarten Dekkers d777a05864 Add support for rev3 of the Atom47 (#2672) 1 year ago
  mechmerlin 7bbc9ccc31 change KEYMAP to LAYOUT for all new keyboards made using this script 1 year ago
  Kaleb Elwert 0d0664a214 Various tweaks for some Input:Club build processes 1 year ago
  adiabatic 011039afca Zweihander: swap space and enter keys (#2665) 1 year ago
  Nicholas 6cc9d59ee8 Enables unicode for Mitosis (#2668) 1 year ago
  Florian f281f7dc3a i got a new toy (#2673) 1 year ago
  markhuguet ba2cab1a89 This adds a keymap to the MF68 labeled factory. It is an attempt to mimic the layout on the factory keycaps of the non-backlit board. (#2674) 1 year ago
  Kaleb Elwert 738588618b Update input:club boards to use the proper vendor and device 1 year ago
  QMK Bot 67268db576 convert to unix line-endings [skip ci] 1 year ago
  mechmerlin c25f0e6983 Fix readme to explicitly call out that there are two different versions of this board and how to compile them 1 year ago
  Kaleb Elwert f6b3c67678 Update whitefox to use the K-Type teensy workaround 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 67053712f8 Refactor/eagle viper with new layouts for QMK Configurator (#2659) 1 year ago
  skullydazed 0ca6b53f89
Clueboard Double 1800 support (#2655) 1 year ago
  Birkir Rafn Guðjónsson 6f3cbdb5f7 Added birkir's keymap (#2653) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 162a67cbc5 Add userspace config.h handling to build script (#2640) 1 year ago
  Mike Kozlowski cc323df9ba Fix broken Markdown (#2652) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre deb5a4b6a9 Convert all Preonic keymaps to layout format (#2644) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 61a2169ff9 Update to Drashna Keymaps and Userspace (#2650) 1 year ago
  mechmerlin adae37f19f Add XD60 support to QMK Configurator 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 015aed50a3 AMJ96 Support (#2651) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin c6b5ce61e8 Fix Octagon info.json issues (#2649) 1 year ago
  Ryan McLean a74f866941 Just a multilayered Layout using tapdance (#2645) 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna c31f7ff91b Hopefully fix Travis Auto-Incrementation 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna c2bec5b3f0 Properly always copy firmware 1 year ago
  Chris Peters fb34fdbbc9 Added cpeters1982 keymap folder in lets_split (#2583) 1 year ago
  Jonathan A. Kollasch 5641b1da20 layouts/default: fill in 60_ansi keymaps 1 year ago
  nachie 931a52d1ae Support for the Paladin64 PCB (#2639) 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna 331288233d Add rgblist to docs 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna c1b46206a7 Fix commands and update my userspace (for testing) 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna 9cfeb4e6cf add RGB commands as global functions 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna bdb718af0d Fix RGB Sleep code 1 year ago
  Jacob Jerrell c39780b8e1 Add Support for Software Workman (#2632) 1 year ago
  Harry Mills b5e899ede7 Adding Haegin's keyboard layout for the ergodox and minidox (#2637) 1 year ago
  Jason Janse van Rensburg 01c72e8dce changed super key to left super key (#2631) 1 year ago
  Michael F. Lamb b61974b301 mitosis:datagrok: minor layout improvements (#2366) 1 year ago
  Benjamin Daschel 9f5a4af09c XD60 ANSI (GH60) layout (#2624) 1 year ago
  Martin Lechner 1305d8de80 [TADA68] Added mac layout with german umlaute on ansi. (#2615) 1 year ago
  bjacques 55d0b1f048 Create new 'tada68/iso-uk' layout tailored for boards with the big fat iso enter key (#2612) 1 year ago
  mechmerlin d3a0c7e3a6 qmk configurator support for e6v2. Let it be known that this is one of the keymaps I've seen done right 1 year ago
  mechmerlin b773d94477 Add qmk configurator support for KBD75 1 year ago