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  Jack Humbert ae7284edb8 rename api docs to internals 1 year ago
  Jason Stillwell 66162b2b68 add grave to auto-shift. 1 year ago
  mtei 2038a515d9 change rgblight_increase_val() and eeconfig_update_rgblight_default(), use RGBLIGHT_LIMIT_VAL insted of 255. 1 year ago
  Otto Rask b922a550dc Add pearl README, add rask's Pearl layout 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre ee1bb85542 Expand Newb Guide flashing document (#2588) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 07b90db897 Fixes and updates to docs (#2611) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 0c665696d7
Update to drashna files (#2587) 1 year ago
  Joshua Coffey a09a042b8f New keymap and more songs (#2609) 1 year ago
  RobertDhaene 3d587b1d2f Merge in some custom keymaps from forked repository (#2605) 1 year ago
  skullY c4f9b8f297 make new_project.sh work correctly on osx too 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna e72cad44fa Add Layouts to exclusion 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna f67950df27 Ignore users folder for Travis tagging 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna b23d2a68dc add syscalls.c if autoshift is enabled, to fix compile issue on ChibiOS 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna 34580baccf Fix #1566 - NKRO reseting issue 1 year ago
  MechMerlin d9c6e7487b Refactor/v60 type r keymap/layout (#2593) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin fa0d97a37f info.json configurator support for popular 65% keyboards (#2589) 1 year ago
  Wilba6582 59a784500b Initial support for RAMA M6-A (#2600) 1 year ago
  WarmCat 00dfa73e4c Added basic support for JJ50 (preonic-like based on atmega32A) (#2546) 1 year ago
  myrtle 4adc333455 Fix mechmini2 ortho keymapping layout 1 year ago
  Danny 4e92dceed8 Add Fourier Keyboard (#2596) 1 year ago
  Danny Nguyen f77ecb8960 Add Laplace keyboard 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna d965d72d4a Fix custom functions documation for layer_state_set* 1 year ago
  skullY 70cf46d4f1 fix the moxygen invocation 1 year ago
  Daniel Hoek 3ee59a79aa Add HSV value specification (#2481) 1 year ago
  Takeshi ISHII 824d584d8c New keymap for The Helix keyboard("five_rows") (#2592) 1 year ago
  Yida Xu 3a49ad06cd New keymaps for bananasplit (#2586) 1 year ago
  Takeshi ISHII f56ded3214 add README.md into keyboards/helix/rev2/keymaps/led_test/ (#2582) 1 year ago
  john McCormick 6b060bb9ad Add atlacat keymap (#2581) 1 year ago
  Andrew Macpherson d0054c41e2 Fix typo in autoshift docs: statn (#2579) 1 year ago
  XP 8575249411 Add a basic keymap for Contra. (#2564) 1 year ago
  24-bit-8 8621fd8bbd ekis_isa keymap for HHKB'ish layout (#2562) 1 year ago
  James Kay 4cf4fe80ec Just personal layout tweaks :) (#2557) 1 year ago
  J. Eric Mason ec5cc02bf0 Preonic Ergodox-Like Mac keymap: Bucktooth (#2553) 1 year ago
  Ivan Smirnov 7a86a67d99 Fix broken markdown headers. (#2548) 1 year ago
  akrob 6706e1af6c Add new keymap for iris transmogrified (#2361) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 426c71de74 Add new bfake "FaceW" keymap (#2360) 1 year ago
  David Collom b3e7149a65 yet another keymap (#2356) 1 year ago
  That-Canadian c3c4164faf That-Canadian Preonic layout (#2462) 1 year ago
  Florian c808680436 initial branch (#2379) 1 year ago
  skullydazed 7c9d5ace14 Generate API docs from source code comments (#2491) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre f0932a8716 Update info.json for Ergodox EZ (#2577) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre f7505ef67c Update info.json for orthodox (#2576) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 971b837009 Edit info.json (#2575) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin e021f44378 Update info.json (#2574) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 63b1946bfe Configurator support for minivan (tv44) (#2573) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 780ff68674 Create info.json for Ergodox EZ (#2572) 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 004df55d7f Add configurator support (info.json) for Input Club K-Type (#2571) 1 year ago
  snyman 7a5ce36f23 Add macro for momentarily switching to a layer while some mods are active (#2460) 1 year ago
  U-LANDSRAAD\drashna 4ec03111cc Add Pretty Keymaps to Ergodox EZ 1 year ago
  MechMerlin 1fbddc6613 Configurator Support(info.json) for 1up Keyboards Sweet16 (#2570) 1 year ago