43 Commits (800ec55dfca06b4630acf62cbb5f130c4031e4f1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jack Humbert 800ec55dfc Make arguments redo, subproject elimination (#1784) 2 years ago
  skullydazed 4cdcbdb861 Remove all Makefiles from the keyboards directory. (#1660) 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert d2ff66a985 Creates a layouts/ folder for keymaps shared between keyboards (#1609) 2 years ago
  Luiz Ribeiro 738b072bb0 Fixed indentation and now using quantum keycodes for rgblight 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 1c0fe956ac Split common.mk into common.mk and common_features.mk 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 7424261dae Try to build tmk_common 2 years ago
  Luiz Ribeiro d4cd5dda5c Added a build flag for using a custom rgblight driver 2 years ago
  Luiz Ribeiro 6037cede2c rgblight support for ps2avrGB 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik a916f4e8b8 Let BACKLIGHT_ENABLE control the Infinity LEDs 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik d8e2ff2964 Fix process_unicode_common.c being included twice 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 1d5567a3a9 Fix code formatting in build_keyboard.mk 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik f113f95440 Move CIE1931 and breathing tables to its own file 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik f5c8941652 UGFX is compiled once per keyboard instead of keymap 3 years ago
  Gabriel Young b911e1966f Fix redundant process_music.c in sources 2 years ago
  Gabriel Young 1000799d1e Factor basic note processing into respective processors 2 years ago
  Gabriel Young 525be99ee9 Split MIDI functionality into MIDI_BASIC and MIDI_ADVANCED 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 09add35e7f add unicode common file, get names right 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert cbabb4d417 split up unicode systems into different files 2 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo c68e596f32 Implement faux-clicky feature 2 years ago
  Luiz Ribeiro f7462aaa61 Got ps2avrGB to work with the V-USB protocol 2 years ago
  Ofer Plesser eac8fa7999 Implemented basic key combination feature 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 7edac212c8 separated into api files/folder 3 years ago
  ofples 3be13d1ffb Added protocol.mk to build 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik a377017c95 Add possibility to control variable trace from make 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik f519b94be7 Add variable trace 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 5f91fb4136 working with power limit 3 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo 5b2e455d3b Unicode map framework. Allow unicode up to 0xFFFFF using separate 3 years ago
  Gergely Nagy 2f0395ce72 build_keyboard.mk: Restore UCIS_ENABLE support 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 6410f0c021 The all target makes all keyboards and all tests 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik c692fd1d55 More common settings for unit tests and keyboards 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 0a11460175 Build actual tests, convert byte_stuffer_tests 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 8a9aac6e32 Rules for compiling and linking google test 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 27a673f5cf The makefile actually calls build_test 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 8f16403179 Change order of variable assignment 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 3442e216dc Move bootloader_defs include to build_keyboard 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 9028a412ea Add output specific config file 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 33fbd3be36 Output specific include paths 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 3aac4e95c9 More general system for generating several outputs 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 60c6e79ecb Move git submodule check and version generation to main Makefile 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik cc2df445ab Remove unneded code from tmk_core/rules.mk 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 67b294ca66 Actual compilation 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 86706de036 Parsing of makefile variables from starting dir 3 years ago
  Gergely Nagy fa06a16360 process_unicode: Add a way to enter unicode symbols by name 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 97817a773e Generate version information to version.h 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik abdf42573a Put the build output inside the root/.build directory 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 79067662c8 Better "include guards" for the makefiles 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 8b94e26d7c Fixes midi functionality 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 70797bb8f2 Makefile changes and files to compile Visualizer 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik e5726b017a Add setting of the master side to the makefile 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 4b45deb652 Enable serial_link support for ChibiOS 3 years ago