28 Commits (800ec55dfca06b4630acf62cbb5f130c4031e4f1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jack Humbert 800ec55dfc Make arguments redo, subproject elimination (#1784) 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert fa6bcfd10c make travis convert line-endings and push a skippable commit 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert ea134be36a fix up travis script 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 9d22a1a6d8 add group edge via travis updates 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 7eccbfe737 exclude PRs 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert ae6b803ad6 more than one en-file, and actually ignore docs 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert a773124537 send travis stuff to gitter 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 616b8604b0 variable scope fix for travis 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 6a92cc2897 correctly assign bash variable 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert c8d5376f11 fix typo 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 19d63ad72c try building only keyboards needed 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 5c8cdfd2b5 [skip build] testing travis script 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 470c8436c2 [skip build] testing travis script 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 3a76f24cbd [skip build] testing travis script 3 years ago
  Luiz Ribeiro 84661ac44b Upgrade AVR 8-bit Toolchain to 3.5.4 on Travis 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 83eb9e4eed Fix the .travis.yml so that GH_TOKEN works properly 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik ca51457327 Another attempt to make keyboards and tests in parallel 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik fd93a9bb29 Make tests and keyboards in two different jobs 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 6b92b62802 Travis builds the default all target 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik e1243339ca Add diffutils to travis.yml and install_dependencies 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik fda29be3e7 Travis calls the normal build target, instead of quick 3 years ago
  fredizzimo 4d4f7684e6 Add ChibiOS support for QMK (#465) 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 65faab3b89 Moves features to their own files (process_*), adds tap dance feature (#460) 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 215c2119af Implements subprojects and updates projects for this (#459) 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 649b33d778 Renames keyboard folder to keyboards, adds couple of tmk's fixes (#432) 4 years ago
  TerryMathews 1c5a6733ff adds support for GH60 Satan keyboard (#407) 4 years ago
  Jack Humbert d9e4dad0a8 Makefile redo & other features (#395) 4 years ago
  Daniel Svensson fd3afbd2f3 Add a Travis recipe. (#374) 4 years ago