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  Jack Humbert 800ec55dfc Make arguments redo, subproject elimination (#1784) 2 years ago
  Stefano Rodighiero e5dc2253e2 keymap configuration rewritten using the KEYMAP macro defined in atreus.h 2 years ago
  Andrew 6531d64ac7 Add YMD96 Keyboard (#1838) 2 years ago
  Pittyolo f9f3afd767 Created cleaner readme and updated the keymap of my layout (#1840) 2 years ago
  Oscillope c70b419ec0 Add multiple layout support and Linux flash utility to JJ40 (#1837) 2 years ago
  unknown bccf263cd0 Add support for Unikeyboard Felix 2 years ago
  Vadim Brodsky e094cd42b5 Add support for the JJ40 Keyboard (#1834) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kaim 598cb82655 Extended the programming script for the ps2avrGB keyboard series: 2 years ago
  Donald 74f51009a8 Updated DZ60 HHKB layout and add my own layout (#1828) 2 years ago
  Otto Rask 122525ee61 Add rask's UK78 and iErgoDox layouts (#1830) 2 years ago
  Jon Allen c037d4bb30 Add the Tomato keyboard 2 years ago
  keisuke333 66f45c9e2e Fix teensy path 2 years ago
  Gareth Pye 2cf697d0c8 Tada68 instructions, updated and clarified to avoid bricking keyboards 2 years ago
  Jonathan Arnett 4c0ff7b7ea Remove reference to Ergodox subprojects from docs 2 years ago
  skullY db5afb05cf Fix the presentation of the contribution guide 2 years ago
  skullydazed 2db4ad2133 Write a contributing guide. (#1827) 2 years ago
  Jacob Chapman b3ad561b4f newkb-atreus-xk 2 years ago
  Wunder ee8860a733 add stock layout for xd75 (#1731) 2 years ago
  Jesper Brix Rosenkilde 966e2660cf Add option to reverse PS2 mouse axes and scrolling 2 years ago
  keisuke333 109b2ae0bd Fix missing teensy path 2 years ago
  Joe Martin b91ffba4be #1792 added in waits from tmk for locking switches 2 years ago
  marcostrauss 01ac8a6051 ErgoDone keyboard: Improved structure of readme and augmented it with important information. Updated links to moved content. 2 years ago
  unknown f88f042c04 Updated my Gherkin Keymap 2 years ago
  drashna e0e80c0dc1 Cleanup of my keymaps (#1802) 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp 34084b4ee6 geändert: readme.md 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp f3e61afdc7 geändert: readme.md 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp 2cda124bc1 geändert: keymap.c 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp 951285de67 neue Datei: readme.md 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp 56c2487223 geändert: keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/keymap.c 2 years ago
  DerMeerkamp c5f847a900 neue Datei: keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/Makefile 2 years ago
  Campbell Barton d6a446bf95 Qwerty Code Friendly: relocate insert key 2 years ago
  Pittyolo 31808df294 Added ISO Hungarian friendly keymap (#1808) 2 years ago
  Snipeye cfd118d158 Added Dichotemy Keyboard, updated docs for Pointing Device (#1817) 2 years ago
  Antonio García-Domínguez 20031ab982 Contribute GH60 layout (#1820) 2 years ago
  Kyle Montag 6d2cb1d9ac Add my layouts (#1822) 2 years ago
  lyuts d8c62e4238 Fixed typo in docs. (#1818) 2 years ago
  Rob Rogers 357d930f5a correct extraneous t 2 years ago
  Rob Rogers 8d7cc11d72 correct layer numbers in keymaps 2 years ago
  Johannes Huber 18f78b6735 Fix Clueboard readme links (#1816) 2 years ago
  Fabian Topfstedt 120089d917 Consistent fabian layouts for amj40, let's split, planck and xd75 (#1812) 2 years ago
  Daniel Shields d2bbfb9058 Increase one-shot timeout for planck/keymaps/dshields and remove unused includes. 2 years ago
  Snipeye ee13228486 Generic Pointing Device (#1767) 2 years ago
  BenKesselring ea819268f3 Add new 4x12 ortho layout & add credit to XD75 port (#1782) 2 years ago
  Dylan Khor e0834cfda9 Update Let's Split readme 2 years ago
  Campbell Barton c206650ed0 [cleanup] consistent 2 space indentation 2 years ago
  Dylan Khor e446eddca9 Adding my Roadkit keymap (#1798) 2 years ago
  Dylan Khor 0cc62459a7 Minor typo 2 years ago
  Sebastian Kaim 29bcffb3f3 Edited a minor typo in feature_bootmagic.md. 2 years ago
  Cory Shaw 01bf8e1643 Mbsurfer Let's Split keymap updates (#1787) 2 years ago
  Daniel Gordon 03de0c8575 Reference to rules.mk in tap dance docs added 2 years ago