6 Commits (pjones-keymap)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  fauxpark e04e55c872 Remove redundant KC_TRNS and KC_NO fillers in userspace (#5140) 1 year ago
  mtdjr 96648a133d Keymap: mtdjr userspace changes and Nyquist keymap addition (#3940) 1 year ago
  mtdjr 07ab5befc7 Keymaps: correct error in mtdjr userspace for layer_state_set_user (#3521) 1 year ago
  mtdjr 8ee97f7c99 Correct conditional in mtdjr userspace (#3361) 1 year ago
  mtdjr e8eaf5630c Updates to mtdjr userspace and keymaps (#3206) 1 year ago
  mtdjr ee9a7aba39 add not-so-minidox handwire keyboard (#3061) 2 years ago