187 Commits (pjones-keymap)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  MechMerlin d48a5b29d7 [Keymap] Fix my userspace RGB bug (#5686) 5 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre a2cec0594b [Keymap] Update to Drashna Keymaps (#5594) 5 months ago
  Ryan Caltabiano 86855f4417 Xulkal Keymaps 6 months ago
  XScorpion2 5fcd744ddb Features/ws2812 matrix driver (#5418) 5 months ago
  stanrc85 67793b3912 remove call to custom rgb file 5 months ago
  stanrc85 1a625ae2c0 Removed duplicated zeal60 files 5 months ago
  stanrc85 ca19cd8bb8 remove uneeded returns floating around 5 months ago
  stanrc85 3cfa24c684 Adding zeal60 rgb files with modifications 5 months ago
  stanrc85 387ede9e6b Tweaking tapping_term value 5 months ago
  stanrc85 813d79bac6 Use modified rgb_backlight.c file 5 months ago
  stanrc85 e6b3bef077 Adjusting tapping term 5 months ago
  stanrc85 2352afb383 [Keymap] Add custom macro to launch RDP (#5502) 5 months ago
  stanrc85 3a7816843c [Keymap] New tap dance code added to userspace and keymaps (#5468) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 6e7eff47b3 [Keymap] Keymap and readme updates (#5449) 6 months ago
  Alexander Kagno d7b381128e [Keymap] Arkag Userspace Update (#5438) 6 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 493fbb3dc1 [Keymap] Update to drashna keymaps: Conform to QMK Standards Edition (#5377) 6 months ago
  Alexander Kagno 2558372b3f fresh commit for a new fork for PR to upstream/master (#5406) 6 months ago
  Jarred Steenvoorden 7e306f9c98 [Keymap] Add atreus, ergotravel and org60 keymaps (#5381) 6 months ago
  Jarred Steenvoorden ff95c60e46 Keymap / userspace update (#5358) 6 months ago
  epaew 9d915ed051 Update edvorak keymap simplify (#5350) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 4a597e031f [Keymap] Smarter KC_MAKE code and removed duplicate MOD_MASK entries (#5331) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 33e9f1c75a [Keymap] Add KC_MAKE keycode to my userspace and keymaps (#5324) 6 months ago
  Christopher Browne dbfbe0d7f0 Adopted LAYOUT, added some keys (#5320) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 043ef40b92 [Keymap] Add RGB config and controls to userspace (#5299) 6 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević be1d5c6609 Add SysRq, Break combos and other keys to Melody96 keymap 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević f9c070e1a4 Update Godspeed colors 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 9baee84b36 ACTION_TAP_DANCE_DOUBLE_MODS → ACTION_TAP_DANCE_DOUBLE_MOD 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 6a088f7ff6 Add blank lines, prefer explicit initialization 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 14908f86fb Replace td_fn_rctrl with generic td_layer_mod 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević b05a4b1a4b Replace td_lshift_fn with generic td_mod_layer, add TD_RCTL_FN 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 1b3b9414b7 Update tap dance function names 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 45dddfa6c2 Set preferred intervals for rgblight effects 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević fbe2eba472 Add GODSPEED_YELLOW color 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević de2e03650b Update GODSPEED_BLUE values and RGB mode keys 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević f09a237a07 Remove most _keymap and _user definitions in userspace 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 784e2af062 Make toggle_numpad a nested function in process_record_user 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević be65a0cc79 Add _keymap versions of other custom Quantum functions 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević bd43df53bd Use two spaces before inline comments 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 7b11d740ea Avoid collisions with X_* send string constants 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević ddb0f39ebf Generate UNICODE and UNICODEMAP constants using macros 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 2f07627a5d Add RGB_SET keycode to Melody96 and RGB files to userspace 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević ef189da243 Move feature flags from userspace into keyboard rules 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 012c5ef9bd Update custom SEND_STRING 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević f2543c3b9b DST_RMV → DST_REM 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 6695c874fb Add DST_MOD_MASK as a config option 7 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 6f386ca6ae Change how desktop commands work 7 months ago
  MechMerlin 5c491da0e7 [Keymap] Fix rgblight_enable ifdefs (#5283) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 32b63d676f [Keymap] Cleaning up my config and userspace files (#5265) 6 months ago
  MechMerlin a872faa53e [Keymap] Userspace Keymap Updates (#5215) 6 months ago
  stanrc85 bcaf66bd32 [Keymap] Converted stanrc85 community layout to userspace (#5244) 6 months ago