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  Phil Hagelberg 15a73f4f64 Add Atreus as an official board. 1 year ago
  Jack Humbert 6c1d6c3222
add discord link 1 year ago
  Jack Humbert f440bbbc11 Update readme.md (#2687) 1 year ago
  mechmerlin 1485cc1d26 Found some broken links while looking up ARM keyboard support 2 years ago
  Arialdo Martini 32bb8f6b8a Improvements to documentation (#1919) 2 years ago
  Johannes Huber 18f78b6735 Fix Clueboard readme links (#1816) 2 years ago
  Markus Kohler 718fddf44c Fix broken link 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 83b35bf6f6 Update readme.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 5e18e4ab48 update docs link 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert c7e9e643fa Update readme.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert d380ed1f75 Update readme.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 05a6449d2d Updates readme.md 2 years ago
  Alexander Schaefer 570b4605b2 Update readme.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert ec9210959f Update readme.md 2 years ago
  Lukas Stiebig 8b09fd8b55 readme keymap.h to quantum_keycodes.h 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 1e97f77278 update travis badge 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 1b20243092 Add gitter image, start update to qmk org 3 years ago
  Jason Milkins b56ec38d5c Typo fix 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 985a091a73 Update readme.md 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert f39e1b5dfe cleans-up formatting of readme 3 years ago
  Ofer Plesser 8e2732edf3 Updated ps2 mouse documentation in readme 3 years ago
  cbbrowne 95a160bf92 Improve docs on memory usage 3 years ago
  cbbrowne b787ed9dc6 More notes on .hex size protection 3 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo a182cbc031 Update Unicode documentation 3 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo f837406ace A few addition to PS2 documentation. 3 years ago
  ofples 97e7486d4c Added documentation for PS/2 mouse in readme 3 years ago
  Jack Humbert 3774a7fcda rgb light through midi 3 years ago
  Noah Andrews 702405f039 Recommend WSL on Windows 10 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 0ba3e523a7 Add documentation for the variable tracing 3 years ago
  Sergey Lebedev 552f469dfc Add link to article about Unicode Hex Input in readme 3 years ago
  IBNobody 17170ba76d Fixed some large keyboard bugs 3 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo e7d5dc89f2 UNICODE_MAP: remove 5 char limit; ignore leading zeroes; handle OS limitations 3 years ago
  Jack & Erez e27a754b70 [Jack & Erez] Simplifies and documents TO 3 years ago
  Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo 5b2e455d3b Unicode map framework. Allow unicode up to 0xFFFFF using separate 3 years ago
  Wojciech Siewierski 70f32842e5 Reduce the default dynamic macro buffer 3 years ago
  npoirey 628a48c788 Updated Readme to help windows users use docker for build 3 years ago
  Pavlos Vinieratos 0edc82f030 formatting 3 years ago
  IBNobody bbf06d516a Added notes on vagrant file fixes, UPRINT 3 years ago
  Peter Ondrejka 08c177f00b fixed typo in Linux install instructions 3 years ago
  IBNobody d55a705bbb Moved breathing backlighting section in readme.md 3 years ago
  IBNobody f065652812 Updated doc to contain breathing information. 3 years ago
  IBNobody 7fd5b6581a Updated readme to have better backlight breathing info. 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 53302328d0 Add dfu-util to the instructions 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 922c4ea3bc Add unit test documentation 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 86ece64176 Fix minor typo in the readme 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 2a5bdd81d4 Add warning about line endings 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 704cbd1d2b Add instructions for Windows 10 subsystem for Linux 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik b4c75569b0 Update readme with new instructions for make 3 years ago
  Wojciech Siewierski ea7115534a Improve the dynamic macro documentation 3 years ago
  Wojciech Siewierski 950755edaf Add the dynamic macros documentation to the readme 3 years ago