28 Commits (pjones-keymap)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  XScorpion2 c98247e3dd RGB Matrix Overhaul (#5372) 7 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 6c086f2b6d
Revert changes to chibiOS-contrib (#4176) 1 year ago
  Campbell Barton efc88a0b16 Keymap: qwerty_code_friendly: use numpad layout for f-keys (#4170) 1 year ago
  patrickmt daf0cc60bf CTRL keyboard bootloader_jump support 1 year ago
  patrickmt 239f02408e Massdrop keyboard updates for SEND_STRING, syscalls, stdio, debug prints, Auto Shift (#3973) 1 year ago
  Dean Camera df8e417032 Fix mismatched aliased event and event stub function prototypes. 1 year ago
  Dean Camera c7e1b53913 Remove unneccesary ATTR_CONST from stub functions (thanks to NicoHood). 1 year ago
  patrickmt 30680c6eb3 Massdrop keyboard support (#3780) 1 year ago
  sameehj 03516d5460 gcc 8.10 compilation fix (#2914) 1 year ago
  fredizzimo 53ff8a31b6 Merge ChibiOS and LUFA descriptor support (#2362) 1 year ago
  Fred Sundvik 30e413f985 Update Chibios Contrib with 17.6.3 support 1 year ago
  Fred Sundvik 6a9617b1c6 Update ChibiOS to 17.6.3 1 year ago
  Jack Humbert 92d47a55d4 update chibios 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert ec3e065f0d
QMK DFU bootloader generation (#2009) 2 years ago
  skullydazed 4cdcbdb861 Remove all Makefiles from the keyboards directory. (#1660) 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert cf8e10533b update some keymaps that broke w/defaults 2 years ago
  Hugh 0759adeaf1 Split atreus (#1680) 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 6895c4510e fix default layer songs 2 years ago
  That-Canadian 707f4efd99 line ending stuff 2 years ago
  That-Canadian e7a5fee1f3 merge 2 years ago
  skullY fcd08b8c7d more crlf issues 2 years ago
  skullY 6e2cae4cda commit files with wrong line endings 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 39ece81979 delete old lufa 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik dcf9fa1aaa Update the ugfx submodule 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik b0094e631e Change remote url of uGFX to relative path 2 years ago
  fredizzimo 3aa620c1ac Update uGFX and Chibios submodules + fixes (#1363) 2 years ago
  Fred Sundvik cfddec17d5 Add Google Test submodule 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 3300203157 Remove google test submodule 3 years ago
  Fred Sundvik 10f3a1b621 Add ugfx submodule 3 years ago
  fredizzimo 4d4f7684e6 Add ChibiOS support for QMK (#465) 3 years ago