69 Commits (pjones-keymap)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Zach White 294caf1ff1 Also fix flash 3 months ago
  Zach White 033c7af292 Fix compiling json files 3 months ago
  skullY 0ed492978a Add pep8-naming to our python linting 4 months ago
  fauxpark fb02593bd4 Use os.chdir for `qmk docs` instead of a custom HTTP request handler (#7493) 4 months ago
  Erovia 7e7eb69edf MILC: Add support for hidden subcommands (#7034) 4 months ago
  skullydazed f7bdc54c69
Add flake8 to our test suite and fix all errors (#7379) 4 months ago
  skullydazed 9c58da6b12
Improve a number of things about how MILC operates (#7344) 4 months ago
  QMK Bot 7891de7f6d format code according to conventions [skip ci] 4 months ago
  jorgemanzo 897888db41 Add CLI command for flashing a keyboard 5 months ago
  QMK Bot a4c2a9b083 format code according to conventions [skip ci] 4 months ago
  Cody Bender 7329c2d02d Add cli convert subcommand, from raw KLE to JSON (#6898) 4 months ago
  skullY 00fb1bd1f0 Make generating keymap.c from JSON more reliable 4 months ago
  skullY 79edb7c594 Small CLI cleanups 4 months ago
  skullY d1b6c11b7f When checking program returncodes treat both 0 and 1 as installed 4 months ago
  skullY 5421ba11de Add support for newer versions of clang-format, if installed 4 months ago
  St. John Johnson e0e26957d4 Fix the CLI docs (#6979) 5 months ago
  Erovia a5a31a5fc0 MILC: Use dashes instead of underscores for subcommands 5 months ago
  Harry Wada f64d9b0621 Fix detection of ModemManager (#7076) 5 months ago
  fauxpark 076d8babbb [CLI] `qmk docs` graceful shutdown on Ctrl+C (#6989) 5 months ago
  fauxpark 2707652c98 [Docs] CLI command to serve docs locally (#6956) 5 months ago
  Dan McClain f04e58dad6 [CLI] Add `qmk list_keyboards` (#6927) 5 months ago
  St. John Johnson 78f01eef2e Use `keymap` instead of `username` variable for `qmk new_keymap` (#6885) 5 months ago
  Ayman Bagabas 9067dc817a Fix qmk doctor 'bytes-like object is required' on linux 6 months ago
  skullydazed d569f08771
Configuration system for CLI (#6708) 6 months ago
  Kenny Hoang 595232ec98 Created new_keymap.py, python version of new_keymap.sh (#6066) 6 months ago
  skullY deb6fa6a87 Add a command to format python code 7 months ago
  skullY 533d6d6a46 Make the modem manager check more pythonic 7 months ago
  skullY c7eede2249 run yapf on the code 7 months ago
  skullY 5b7a5b2a76 Setup a python test framework 7 months ago
  skullY 2d688ad14e readability enhancements 7 months ago
  skullY 1784d1bfac Add support for passing files at the command line 7 months ago
  skullY 9547774962 CLI command to format C code 7 months ago
  skullY 39baa5e80d add lufa as a submodule 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre cf4575b94a Fix the LUFA lib to use a submodule instead of just files (#6245) 8 months ago
  skullydazed f22c5c17b6
Refactor `qmk compile-json` to `qmk compile` (#6592) 7 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre f859375284 Expand bootloader target to support most AVR boards (#6255) 8 months ago
  skullydazed 7d557a0514
Fix compiling json files. (#6340) 8 months ago
  skullydazed a25dd58bc5
QMK CLI and JSON keymap support (#6176) 8 months ago
  XScorpion2 270b39b2eb Spirals, Pinwheels, and Documentation....Oh My! RGB Matrix Effects (#5877) 10 months ago
  XScorpion2 7d4ae3e66e Removed forced in lining for lib8tion functions (#5670) 11 months ago
  Alec Geatches 75d72c221d Change lib8tion library to be usable in user keymaps (#5598) 11 months ago
  XScorpion2 c98247e3dd RGB Matrix Overhaul (#5372) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 6c086f2b6d
Revert changes to chibiOS-contrib (#4176) 1 year ago
  Campbell Barton efc88a0b16 Keymap: qwerty_code_friendly: use numpad layout for f-keys (#4170) 1 year ago
  patrickmt daf0cc60bf CTRL keyboard bootloader_jump support 1 year ago
  patrickmt 239f02408e Massdrop keyboard updates for SEND_STRING, syscalls, stdio, debug prints, Auto Shift (#3973) 1 year ago
  Dean Camera df8e417032 Fix mismatched aliased event and event stub function prototypes. 1 year ago
  Dean Camera c7e1b53913 Remove unneccesary ATTR_CONST from stub functions (thanks to NicoHood). 1 year ago
  patrickmt 30680c6eb3 Massdrop keyboard support (#3780) 1 year ago
  sameehj 03516d5460 gcc 8.10 compilation fix (#2914) 1 year ago