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  Evan Travers c5c112ae29 Update config.h boilerplate to use `#pragma once` 1 year ago
  Evan Travers 3d7bfae232 Add Userspace mention 1 year ago
  Evan Travers b666921e25 Reword the `config.h` section 1 year ago
  Evan Travers b4f4576631 Update docs: `Makefile` -> `rules.mk` 1 year ago
  fauxpark 7b0356d1d4 Convert all headings to Title Case 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert bb11df6b7a update some docs 2 years ago
  Arialdo Martini 32bb8f6b8a Improvements to documentation (#1919) 2 years ago
  skullY e6c638bed1 Overhaul the Getting Started section and add a FAQ section 2 years ago