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  Drashna Jaelre 3305df8e79 Add LED Matrix to Features list for easy reference (#5280) 10 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 52f1206712 Fix Encoder documentation (#4861) 1 year ago
  TheOneTrueTrench 2dc14d1cb3 Fixed incorrect link to feature_combo.md in features.md docs file. Was linked to feature_combos.md, but _sidebar.md, _summary.md, and config_options.md all link to feature_combo.md. Assuming that it should not be pluralized. (#4411) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 4a033641df Update Features page to reflect all of the features linked in the sidebar/summary 1 year ago
  fauxpark d263b27c9a Dedupe shifted keycodes listing 1 year ago
  fauxpark 03ad6927cb Docs: Format Space Cadet documentation (#3540) 1 year ago
  Max Audron bbea9dadbc Integrating Peter Fleury's HD44780 LCD library (#3209) 1 year ago
  Drashna Jaelre 9f2bb11412 Make sure new features (RGB Matrix) are actually listed 1 year ago
  fauxpark af37bb2f78 Fix some of the more obvious typos 2 years ago
  Devin J. Pohly 7aaef16266 Fix internal links in docs/ (#2080) 2 years ago
  Jeremy Cowgar 49c32021db Added missing RGB and Auto Shift in main feature list. Also standardized on period at the end of each feature list item. 2 years ago
  skullydazed 67cc5cebc0 Restructure the hardware and feature docs to make things easier to find (#1888) 2 years ago
  Snipeye ee13228486 Generic Pointing Device (#1767) 2 years ago
  skullY 9d1a08e38a Doc updates from going through every file 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 000e749853 Rename docs/features/README.md to docs/features.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 391eae97e4 testing out new home 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert ca01d94005 convert docs to lowercase and underscores 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 163754f363 Create Home.md 2 years ago
  Jack Humbert 1da0a19177 make searchable 2 years ago