578 Commits (pjones-keymap)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  fauxpark 53c51f1d16 A better new_project.sh (#5191) 7 months ago
  ymzcdg 7ae2ded590 Translate docs into Chinese (#5693) 7 months ago
  M-AS bb52119a6d RGB Matrix Animations: Three/six new reactive effects (wide, cross, nexus) (#5602) 7 months ago
  Brice Figureau b61baf4281 Fix #3566 use an hardware timer for software PWM stability (#3615) 7 months ago
  Erovia 066818f5f9 Define RGB colors (#5300) 7 months ago
  XScorpion2 829ccd3491 RGB Matrix docs update from mechmerlin discussion (#5667) 7 months ago
  Ryan Caltabiano 33e27b2a83 Fixing readme from feedback 7 months ago
  Ryan Caltabiano dd3a813f87 Reducing size of data send in one frame & update Zen rev2 oled usage 7 months ago
  Ryan Caltabiano 0a645225b9 OLED Driver Feature 7 months ago
  Markus Weimar 4856552f8b Update mouse keys docs (#5653) 7 months ago
  Takeshi ISHII 7e67bd791b Change split_common to use RGBLIGHT_SPLIT (#5509) 7 months ago
  Takeshi ISHII dfab177f88 Add function to support split-keyboard in rgblight.[ch]. (#5020) 7 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre dd64a4e738 Init RGB Matrix EEPROM 9 months ago
  Markus Weimar e3a940026e Improve mouse keys docs and constant speed mode 1 year ago
  skullydazed 068571b9fe
Update our style guide (#5500) 7 months ago
  XScorpion2 5fcd744ddb Features/ws2812 matrix driver (#5418) 8 months ago
  roguepullrequest e7e13ebdd7 [Docs] Adding Alt↯Tab example macro (#5616) 8 months ago
  zvecr 0137b02319 Port DIRECT_PINS from split_common/matrix.c to matrix.c (#5091) 8 months ago
  Noah Frederick 606b1fe82f Remove caveat about combos with shared keys (#5601) 8 months ago
  Konstantin Đorđević 4882f7f16d Revert "Update build instructions and docker file to download submodules" (#5533) 8 months ago
  Jack Humbert fa4052c26e Adds the Planck EZ, 3737 RGB, fixes out-of-tune notes (#5532) 8 months ago
  Takeshi ISHII 0456bd668d [Docs] update feature_rgblight.md: add some figures (#5578) 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 5701b75e3c Custom Tapping Term per key (#5009) 8 months ago
  Alex Ong 17e7762de7 Eager Per Row Debouncing added (added to Ergodox) (#5498) 8 months ago
  XScorpion2 c98247e3dd RGB Matrix Overhaul (#5372) 8 months ago
  zvecr 40c6269f9f Fix typo in keyboard_post_init_user example, remove EPRM from Persistent Configuration (EEPROM) (#5528) 8 months ago
  Mikhail Goncharov 93210547bd Update build instructions and Dockerfile to download submodules 1 year ago
  Brian Choromanski 3f4d706c98 Fixing dead links (#5503) 8 months ago
  Rob Rogers 2519de92b5 [Docs] Add udev rule for Input Club bootloaders (#5494) 8 months ago
  Jon Arintok 346cbd8816 Add 3 speed mousekey movement option (#2246) 8 months ago
  fauxpark 3510d8dc8d Document an annoyance with Grave Escape and macOS Terminal (#5483) 8 months ago
  Danny f077204fae Add support for RGB LEDs wired directly to each half's controller (#5392) 8 months ago
  wanleg 1dda671e4a ISP Flashing Guide - atmega32a info (#4993) 8 months ago
  Takeshi ISHII f7fd7f67bd rgblight.c: add remap feature (#5243) 8 months ago
  fauxpark ab29481391 Fix link to Caterina bootloader hex files (#5452) 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 161d469f2c [Docs] Recursively clone qmk_firmware repo (#5378) 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre c534a4c775 [Docs] Smallish overhaul of the docs (#5281) 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 4f0dc945c3 [Docs] Add music_map to audio documentation (#5419) 8 months ago
  M-AS 221ac2eabb New RGB Matrix effect: Single color reactive (#5330) 8 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre e9ace14878 [Docs] Add VSCode guide to docs (#5124) 9 months ago
  Danny 3c257c1c6e Add avrdude split EE_HANDS flash commands (#5414) 9 months ago
  Brendan Wrafter c02c7b7517 Fix ascii art (#5407) 9 months ago
  James Churchill 37932c293c Next set of split_common changes (#4974) 9 months ago
  enkore fef206f661 getting_started_build_tools: dfu-{util,programmer} now available from arch repo 9 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 3d446c6050 [Docs] Update the KC_MAKE example in Userspace docs (#5337) 9 months ago
  Dusty Pomerleau 6d4f6f3f49 [Docs] Add Tap Dance example to the docs (#5326) 9 months ago
  Mitchel van Eijgen 8c2a23dee1 Add more "decent" text editors (#5308) 9 months ago
  lf 4c62c7bd6e [Docs] Fix function signature (layer_state_set_*) (#5313) 9 months ago
  James Churchill c7c4937eef Clean up debounce a bit (#5255) 9 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 3305df8e79 Add LED Matrix to Features list for easy reference (#5280) 9 months ago