Peter's Emacs configuration files
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Emacs Configuration

This repository contains my Emacs configuration. I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world because I’m doing a few interesting things:

  • As you can see, configuration is split among several files instead of having one giant configuration file. More on this below.

  • All files are compiled into byte code for faster loading

Configuration Organization

  • bin: Custom tools I use with Emacs.

  • lisp: Basic configuration files organized by function.

  • modes: One configuration file for each mode that I have customized. These files are loaded automatically by Emacs, as needed. See lisp/modes.el for more information. This makes a big difference for Emacs start-up time.

  • themes: Custom color themes.

  • The dot.emacs.el file bootstraps all of this.


What to try this configuration out without having to change your existing configuartion in any way?

  1. Install the Nix Package Manager

  2. Run the following command:

     nix build
  3. Start Emacs:

     ./result/bin/e -f