Peter's NixOS Account
選択できるのは25トピックまでです。 トピックは、先頭が英数字で、英数字とダッシュ('-')を使用した35文字以内のものにしてください。
Peter J. Jones ef6d7da1df
Update pkgs to the latest version
nixos Remove unnecessary compton config, start using ripgrep 1ヶ月前
pkgs Update pkgs to the latest version 3週間前
support/workstation Add services such as MPD and Gromit, plus more stuff 2ヶ月前
LICENSE Initial import 4ヶ月前 Initial import 4ヶ月前
default.nix Initial import 4ヶ月前

Peter’s Account

Want to create an account for me on a NixOS machine? Thanks!

Just add the default.nix file to one of your imports.

The only requirement is that you have home-manager included as well.