A layer on top of the NixOS module system to make some tasks simpler.
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Phoebe is a set of NixOS modules that provide additional functionality on top of the existing modules in Nixpkgs. The name of this package was taken from the name of Saturn's moon.

Module List

  • phoebe.security:

    Automatically enable various security related settings for NixOS.

  • phoebe.services.nginx:

    Extra configuration for nginx (if it's enabled elsewhere). For example, automatically use syslog so no log files need to be rotated. See the phoebe.services.nginx.syslog option for more details.

  • phoebe.services.postgresql:

    Start and manage PostgreSQL, including automatic user and database creation.

  • phoebe.services.influxdb:

    Start and manage InfluxDB, including users and databases.

  • phoebe.services.rails:

    Configure and manage Ruby on Rails applications. Includes a helper function to help package Rails applications so they can be used by this service.

  • phoebe.services.web.tunnels:

    HTTPS to HTTP private tunnels for web developers.

  • phoebe.backup.postgresql:

    Simple backups for PostgreSQL via pg_dump.

  • phoebe.backup.rsync:

    Sync files from a remote machine creating a set of backups that use hard links for files that don't change from day to day. This is a simple and efficient way to backup a remote host.

  • phoebe.services.networking.wireguard:

    Simple way to configure a whole network of WireGuard machines.

Running Tests

$ nix-build test