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  1. == Coding guidelines for contributing to
  2. == xmonad and the xmonad contributed extensions
  3. * Comment every top level function (particularly exported functions), and
  4. provide a type signature; use Haddock syntax in the comments.
  5. * Follow the coding style of the other modules.
  6. * Code should be compilable with -Wall -Werror -fno-warn-unused-do-bind -fwarn-tabs.
  7. There should be no warnings.
  8. * Partial functions should be avoided: the window manager should not
  9. crash, so do not call `error` or `undefined`
  10. * Use 4 spaces for indenting.
  11. * Any pure function added to the core should have QuickCheck properties
  12. precisely defining its behavior.
  13. * New modules should identify the author, and be submitted under
  14. the same license as xmonad (BSD3 license or freer).