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XMonad Maintainers

The XMonad Core Team

Release Procedures

When the time comes to release another version of XMonad and Contrib…

  1. Create a release branch (e.g., release-0.XX).

    This will allow you to separate the release process from main development. Changes you make on this branch will be merged back into master as one of the last steps.

  2. Update the version number in the *.cabal files and verify dependencies and documentation. This includes the tested-with: field.

  3. Use the packdeps tool to ensure you have the dependency versions correct. If you need to update the version of a dependency then you should rebuild and retest.

  4. Review documentation files and make sure they are accurate:

    • and the example-config.hs in the xmonad-testing repo
  5. Generate the manpage:

    • cabal configure with the -fgeneratemanpage flag
    • Build the project
    • Run the generatemanpage tool from the top level of this repo
    • Review the man page: man -l man/xmonad.1
  6. Tag the repository with the release version (e.g., v0.13)

  7. Build the project tarballs (cabal sdist)

  8. Upload the packages to Hackage (cabal upload)

  9. Merge the release branches into master

  10. Update the website:

    • Generate and push haddocks with xmonad-web/

    • Check that tour.html and intro.html are up to date, and mention all core bindings

  11. Update the topic for the IRC channel (#xmonad)

  12. Send the announce-0.XX.txt file to:

    • XMonad mailing list
    • Haskell Cafe