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  Peter Simons bb13853929 Bump version number, update changelog, and re-generate the man page. 1 year ago
  Brent Yorgey 3d1720c3f3
Merge pull request #176 from LSLeary/sendmessage 1 year ago
  L. S. Leary 0614ffb65c `XMonad.Operations` 1 year ago
  Sibi 85b47fc3ac
Merge pull request #182 from nikolas/patch-1 1 year ago
  nikolas 1a99280227
typo fix in delete test comment: identiy -> identity 1 year ago
  Peter Simons e8133eb9a6 CHANGES.md: add an entry for the 0.14.2 version 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 4ccaff8f25 xmonad.cabal: bump version number to 0.14.2 for release 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 56dc186e68 xmonad.cabal: the author attribute is free-form, not a list 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 10b2efe81c xmonad.cabal: add missing xmonad.hs file to the tarball again 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 49c69fa73b xmonad.cabal: require at least base version 4.9 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 120ebce490 xmonad.cabal: simplify and modernize the Cabal file 1 year ago
  Peter Simons c0cf91303f Tentatively bump version number to 0.14.1. 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 80f1c6f027 CHANGES.md: move PR entries into the right section 1 year ago
  Peter Simons c54e7088f0
Merge pull request #167 from mgsloan/log-recompilation-info 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 1f3a27f9b9 Don't build generatemanpage with ghc 8.6.x yet: we're lacking pandoc. 1 year ago
  Peter Simons ec97d83f3f GenerateManpage: fix compiler warnings 1 year ago
  Peter Simons f0975b734c git: ignore "cabal new-build"-style artifacts 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 2324266fae travis.yml: build with -fgeneratemanpage 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 3b0559c6cc
Merge pull request #129 from madnight/patch-2 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 886a0d4041 GenerateManpage: greatly simplify the code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 98f39eabc1 xmonad.cabal: don't depend on semigroups when building with GHC 8.x 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 425c3c0872 Core: derive 'MonadFail X' instance for GHC 8.6.x and beyond 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 29c9819daa xmonad.cabal: update constraints on 'base' 1 year ago
  Sibi 3c2b09c213
Merge pull request #179 from countermeasure/patch-1 1 year ago
  Sky 64a660894d Update Debian packages in README 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 27b1ce9dd7
Merge pull request #98 from tmciver/master 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 5caf235f6b CHANGES.md: document recent changes 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 4ef9c12d13
Merge pull request #99 from gliptak/warnings1 1 year ago
  Peter Simons d6705fd595
Merge pull request #128 from madnight/patch-1 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 7c1065c43f
Merge pull request #127 from dudebout/patch-1 1 year ago
  Peter Simons af104509c3 GenerateManpage does not compile with Cabal 2.2.x. 1 year ago
  Michiel Derhaeg 586ee75a9a fix manpage generation 1 year ago
  Clint Adams 013da018a1 Port GenerateManpage.hs to pandoc 2 2 years ago
  Peter Simons 71cb355948 travis.yml: we can now run "cabal check" successfully 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 19069b3d4b xmonad.cabal: drop hard-coded profiling mode 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 969fca9406
Merge pull request #157 from xmonad/travis 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 61f00e65f1
Merge pull request #169 from mimi1vx/patch-1 1 year ago
  Peter Simons db11089e70 travis.yml: re-generate with latest version of make-travis-yml 1 year ago
  Peter Simons e601a7d16d xmonad.cabal: updated tested-with fields to the latest major release, respectively 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 0dd23bddfa Merge branch 'master' into travis. 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 55b14d4850 Bump version number to 0.14 for upcoming release. 1 year ago
  Ondřej Súkup 9df514b378
Allow X11-1.9 2 years ago
  Michael Sloan b6d92b4e38 Log information about xmonad compile + avoid unnecessary recompile 2 years ago
  geekosaur ecf1a0ca0d
Merge pull request #163 from aplaice/patch-1 2 years ago
  aplaice d216e95f97
Fix typo Utils -> Util 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey af3d3818c8 Revert "remove unnecessary profiling flag" 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey d065038c8a remove unnecessary profiling flag 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey 10bc213349 include libxrandr-dev 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey d22d93b43f try updating travis config 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey 871a80fee7 add GHC 8.4.1 to tested-with 2 years ago