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Update example config link 2 weeks ago
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  Tim McIver 5afdc16387 Update README to add xrandr dependency and add build/install instruction. 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 8f2eb540d7
Update documentation after final release review 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 285ee2f836
Add build status badge from Travis 3 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 45a78ba802 Finial tweaks before release 4 years ago
  Peter J. Jones b68ebc797a Remove references to development snapshots from darcs 4 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 7e287ec815 Revert a typo that wasn't actually a typo 4 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 60f472faa2 Fix a couple of links (darcs -> git) 4 years ago
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  Adam Vogt 939c0558e6 update README 5 years ago
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  gwern0 8881e2ac78 sp README, CONFIG, STYLE, TODO 11 years ago
  Spencer Janssen b605fd9fce Spelling. Any bets on how long this has been there? 11 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 328c660ce7 Remove obsolete comments about darcs X11 11 years ago
  Spencer Janssen b185a439b1 Recommend latest packages rather than specific versions 11 years ago
  Spencer Janssen cb51875da6 Remove version numbers from README 11 years ago
  Don Stewart 14d9a194ff add quickstart instructions 11 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 162a54d992 Point to 0.6 release of contrib 12 years ago
  Don Stewart 2441275122 1.4.1 X11 dep 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen f2461c9e3a Remove references to 0.4 12 years ago
  Don Stewart 3e2d48d5da add a template xmonad.hs 12 years ago
  Don Stewart ba6d9c8a52 polish readme 12 years ago
  Don Stewart 99fb75eb9b update README some more 12 years ago
  Don Stewart ceb1c51b3f we depend on Cabal 1.2.0 or newer 12 years ago
  Don Stewart ece268cd1e recommend --user 12 years ago
  Don Stewart c350caf9b8 HEADS UP: remove X11-extras dependency, depend on X11 >= 1.3.0 12 years ago
  Don Stewart cc019f487c explain that you need ghc as well 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen bec871d254 Bump XMonadContrib version 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 258f85dd08 Bump X11, X11-extras versions in the README 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen f7ecf70a35 Moving to code.haskell.org 12 years ago
  Don Stewart aaaeae54c3 mention C headers 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen dede0a2ce9 README: spelling 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen bda704297c Add a link to XMonadContrib 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 2819adfef4 Point to X11-extras-0.3 in the README 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 92a1335cff Add location of X11-extras to README 12 years ago
  Don Stewart fc70bed46b use $HOME in examples 12 years ago
  Don Stewart d411736ded remove out of date `(Included with GHC)' text in README 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 33bb745880 Remove all references to 'exec' 12 years ago
  Don Stewart a21c4d02f1 Add notes on using X11-extras from darcs 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen e83ae8ba62 Depend on X11-extras >= 0.2 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen 67ae8fcd7c Require X11 >= 1.2.1 12 years ago
  Don Stewart da63d4a4b7 notes about which dependant packages already come with ghc 12 years ago
  Don Stewart eda3ab2849 mention .xinitrc 12 years ago
  Don Stewart c2318fa67d update readme 12 years ago
  Don Stewart d3f56af172 specify --user, spotted by fasta 12 years ago
  Spencer Janssen d502891ef0 Add a note about already installed packages 12 years ago
  Don Stewart 0c569a64e1 update motivational text using xmonad.org 12 years ago