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xmonad-contrib: Third Party Extensions to the xmonad Window Manager

Build Status Open Source Helpers

You need the ghc compiler and xmonad window manager installed in order to use these extensions.

For installation and configuration instructions, please see the xmonad website, the documents included with the xmonad source distribution, and the online haddock documentation.

Getting or Updating XMonadContrib

(To use git xmonad-contrib you must also use the git version of xmonad.)


Haskell code contributed to this repo should live under the appropriate subdivision of the XMonad namespace (currently includes Actions, Config, Hooks, Layout, Prompt, and Util). For example, to use the Grid layout, one would import:


For further details, see the documentation for the XMonad.Doc.Developing module, XMonad’s and the xmonad website.


Code submitted to the contrib repo is licensed under the same license as xmonad itself, with copyright held by the authors.