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Brandon S Allbery KF8NH 08c4c09fc5 Typo in 9 years ago
generate-configs scripts/generate-configs: update docs 12 years ago
grabDescriptions.hs Update D.Extending module lists with help of a script (also added) 10 years ago don't hard-code path to mkfifo. 13 years ago Typo in 9 years ago
xinitrc update run xmonad script 12 years ago
xmonad-acpi.c Modified xmonad-clock.c to display battery information from ACPI (will work only on linux though). Also restored three load averages instead of only one. 13 years ago
xmonad-clock.c docs not generated in DragPane.hs 12 years ago
xmonadpropread.hs Set buffering to LineBuffering in scripts/xmonadpropread.hs 10 years ago