2089 Commits (master)

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  Sergey Alirzaev d5d82267c5
+ FuzzyMatch by @nzeh 1 year ago
  Nathan Fairhurst b42a1392da Add a new layout MultiDishes, which behaves like Dishes, but allows a configurable number windows within each stack. 1 year ago
  ccrusius 1c52484753
Add three-dimensional group layout 1 year ago
  Maciej Ligenza ff3e415b9d Add appendFilePrompt' to allow transforming text before appending to file 1 year ago
  Luc DUZAN 756507e2b6 157 allow user to customize screen ordering 2 years ago
  L.S. Leary 4a98a27950 Added navigation strategy `sideNavigation` and parameterised variant `sideNavigationWithBias` to X.A.Navigation2D. 1 year ago
  L.S. Leary cc9622ab28 Extended the sendMessage interface of X.L.Gaps to allow arbitrary modifications to the GapSpec. 2 years ago
  L.S. Leary c778b9c2af Generalised (and hence deprecated) hybridNavigation to hybridOf so that users can choose order of preference of navigation strategies. 2 years ago
  Nick Hu ecd0048d83 Make UnicodeData.txt path configurable, remove unsafePerformIO in favour 2 years ago
  Nick Hu 8daa84375b Pipe password to `xdotool` via undocumented `--file` to prevent snatch 2 years ago
  Nick Hu cee5aa2a58 Adds a new function to spawn a pass prompt which will use `xdotool` to 2 years ago
  foreverbell 96e9cab753
Export XMonad.Prompt.insertString. 2 years ago
  Joonas Javanainen 26690e2d0b
Fix Gnome config modm+shift+Q logout command 2 years ago
  crocket 7930151604 Make XMonad.Util.Dmenu.menuArgs compatible with GHC < 7.10 2 years ago
  Xander Rémon van der Goot cad6bb7769 X.L.Spacing + X.L.Gaps: add mutual hyperlink 2 years ago
  Xander Rémon van der Goot d5dd9329b5 X.A.Commands: Parameterize runCommand to accept dmenu-like launchers. 2 years ago
  Markus Ongyerth c8ce8dcd41 Add XMonad.Util.SessionStart 2 years ago
  spoonm 8266feba95 Added withFirstMinimized and withFirstMinimized'. 2 years ago
  crocket 3282fb420d Replace X with MonadIO in XMonad.Util.Dmenu 2 years ago
  Anders Engström cff3343a8c Fix render order of LayoutHints and MultiColumns 2 years ago
  bforte 2314dd628a reimplemented with X.A.Minimize 2 years ago
  Bruce Forte 95cd118c9a forgot importing <$> 2 years ago
  Bruce Forte c1c7c30532 renamed the module to X.U.ExclusiveScratchpads 2 years ago
  Bruce Forte b05f5f12cf import (<$>) because travis failed 2 years ago
  bforte 270ca2da23 add new module X.U.MutexScratchpads 2 years ago
  Bruce Forte 295d416e9d Update CycleWorkspaceByScreen.hs 2 years ago
  bforte 38b7a2e7f4 trivial changes to fix haddock documentation 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones e3c46b36db
Add message to "re-partition" a ComboP layout 2 years ago
  Ivan Malison 0e35b6e504
Add X.A.CycleWorkspaceByScreen, Per screen WorkspaceHistory 2 years ago
  Bogdan Sinitsyn c99606bbdd Rewrite minimization-related modules 3 years ago
  Dave 20e8a33e0c Typo fix 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 1b738c2bed Revert "Add new module XMonad.Hooks.Focus ." 2 years ago
  Kosyrev Serge 33237f47f7 Actions.SpawnOn: make spawnOn more reliable on Linux, by tracking children across fork 3 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 65ac029636
Move example configuration file into xmonad-contrib for better visibility 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey 057af44998 X.U.EZConfig: include Latin1 keys 2 years ago
  Luc DUZAN b4e7ab3d37 Add ModifySpacing message handling to SmartPacing and SmartSpacingWithEdge 2 years ago
  Mitchell Rosen 1b96c646c1
Respect number of master windows in Magnify layout 2 years ago
  Brent Yorgey 4c00eb5848 fix ThreeColMid window shuffling 2 years ago
  geekosaur a372b455dc typo in navigation2DP example 2 years ago
  Sam Doshi a79a116934 improve the vertical centring in X.A.GridSelect 2 years ago
  Sam Doshi b1dee9b0b4 allow border colour to be specified in GSConfig 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 025433c658
X.U.WindowProperties: Added the ability to test if a window has a tag from `X.A.TagWindows` 2 years ago
  Sam Doshi 0f9a6015e4 export BinarySpacePartition type 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 00eb2abd87
New function: `X.P.Window.windowMultiPrompt' 2 years ago
  sgf 6f8145a2dc X.H.Focus: Add predefined configurations and more examples. 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 298e51f939
Correctly mark functions in X.P.Window as deprecated 2 years ago
  Mekeor Melire 878987071b Better description of 'font' field of 'XPC' record 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones cd96de5378
Manage struts even when _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE isn't a dock 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 0a8e68b458
Delete _NET_WORKAREA instead of setting it 2 years ago
  Peter J. Jones de4a3bd0ed
Use `setWindowBorderWithFallback' to support windows with RGBA color maps 2 years ago