2125 Commits (master)

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  Tomas Janousek d07f0a9ee4 X.L.Fullscreen: fullscreenSupport advertises fs support in _NET_SUPPORTED 3 years ago
  Tomas Janousek 7bf8544f1c X.H.EwmhDesktops: optionally advertise fullscreen support in _NET_SUPPORTED 3 years ago
  Tomas Janousek dc2b96d575 Use Graphics.X11.Xlib.Atom constants in invocations of changeProperty 3 years ago
  slotThe bcd4dde298 Remove redundant do's 3 months ago
  slotThe 30d45f8993 Clean up Control.Monad imports 3 months ago
  slotThe 273ae32438 Replace 'join . fmap' with =<< 3 months ago
  slotThe 22aebcb26d Replace 'fmap f $ fa' with 'f <$> fa', apply functor laws 3 months ago
  slotThe e8da66e575 Replace liftM with fmap 3 months ago
  slotThe 0b26ddf489 Replace liftM2 with liftA2 3 months ago
  slotThe 53b57eba14 Replace `liftM` and `fmap` with <$> 3 months ago
  slotThe f3024e6779 Remove unnecessary imports of Control.Applicative 3 months ago
  Sibi Prabakaran a8d41df92b Added allApplications to XMonad.Prompt.Window 6 months ago
  slotThe 48e6bb5529 X.A.Search: Update hoogle URL 3 months ago
  Evgeny Budilovsky 3c7d58b836 XMonad/Actions/Search: fix spelling mistake 3 months ago
  Wilson Sales 6eae27390d Added module X.A.PerWindowKeys 4 months ago
  tidues 6da250003f XMonad.Layout.TallMastersCombo v1.0 3 months ago
  Peter Simons 94662bffc6 XMonad.Util.Invisible: fix build with GHC 8.8.1 3 months ago
  Ryan Trinkle 6a0dc1685c Add XMonad.Prompt.Pass.passGenerateAndCopy 5 months ago
  Evgeny Kurnevsky 18979de5f6
Make fuzzy sort show shorter strings first. 5 months ago
  Ryan Trinkle 52a3800b96 Make XMonad.Prompt.Pass traverse symlinks for its tab completion 5 months ago
  Obszczymucha 6b68ec5c00 Add SplitShiftDirectional message into BinarySpacePartition layout. 8 months ago
  Henri Jones 4e4856c722 Fix broken internal Haddock links 8 months ago
  L. S. Leary 04b32ae021
X.H.RefocusLast: added action to swap current window with last + minor refactoring. 1 year ago
  L. S. Leary 9c6d1e696f
X.H.RefocusLast: added runtime toggle and refactored predicate system. 1 year ago
  L. S. Leary dad911913c
RefocusLast bug fix, extension to support float-only refocusing and 1 year ago
  Paul Kinsky b3f5a09673 record changes 9 months ago
  Ricky Hariady c3cee11ad6 Support OTP in XMonad.Prompt.Pass 9 months ago
  Alex Griffin fcced8991a Hooks.WallpaperSetter: Preserve aspect ratio while scaling images 10 months ago
  Alex Griffin bfb52a5025 XMonad.Util.Themes: Add adwaitaTheme and adwaitaDarkTheme 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel ca69574cfe Actions.GroupNavigation: add CMS import 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel faa252e309 Actions.GroupNavigation: another import issue 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 71fec4f61a Actions.GroupNavigation: fix bad import 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel e12511c658 Actions.GroupNavigation: move "Utilities" header for documentation 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 52890f6007 Actions.GroupNavigation: document isOnAnyVisibleWS 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 51bc32ea75 Actions.GroupNavigation: add isOnAnyVisibleWS 10 months ago
  Alex Hirzel cce7f50372 Actions.GroupNavigation: hlint fixes 10 months ago
  Zubin Duggal cf789504e8
Use absolute paths in DynamicProjects 11 months ago
  Michael Sloan d9f43c78d6 Fix XMonad.Prompt wraparound when maxComplRows not Nothing #217 11 months ago
  Michael Sloan b9603a0e10 Also destroy completion window on exceptions #180 11 months ago
  Michael Sloan 09a5fa111c Use bracket pattern in XMonad.Prompt 11 months ago
  Michael Sloan 41a2db5563 Refactoring: helper for mkXPromptWithReturn and mkXPromptWithModes 11 months ago
  Yclept Nemo 207d5962e2 Vim for 'XMonad.Prompt': backwards compatibility 1 year ago
  Yclept Nemo b0d6e0f942 Vim for 'XMonad.Prompt': 1 year ago
  yuri 298cdd6114 improving tabbedRight/tabbedLeft by having their tabs' height set by decoHeight 1 year ago
  yuri 36356dd8f5 improving tabbedRight/tabbedLeft by having their tabs' height set by decoHeight 1 year ago
  Wilson Sales dd905d2603 X.A.DynamicWorkspaceOrder: add transformation-aware withNthWorkspace 1 year ago
  Peter Simons c5c3fec26c inhale: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 59fbcdfba9 dumpExcept: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 778e32305f dumpString: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 5334130bf7 historyCompletion: prefer Data.Map.foldr over deprecated fold function 1 year ago