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  Brent Yorgey 52f8c82504
Merge pull request #109 from liskin/ewmh-fullscreen 7 months ago
  brandon s allbery kf8nh 37a3d08d73
Merge pull request #323 from liskin/changes 7 months ago
  Tomas Janousek d07f0a9ee4 X.L.Fullscreen: fullscreenSupport advertises fs support in _NET_SUPPORTED 3 years ago
  Tomas Janousek 7bf8544f1c X.H.EwmhDesktops: optionally advertise fullscreen support in _NET_SUPPORTED 3 years ago
  Tomas Janousek dc2b96d575 Use Graphics.X11.Xlib.Atom constants in invocations of changeProperty 3 years ago
  Tomas Janousek d8e496d3f0 CHANGES: Move stuff merged post-0.16 upwards 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey a58c1a6071
Merge pull request #321 from slotThe/master 7 months ago
  slotThe bcd4dde298 Remove redundant do's 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey c3bb1cb2e7
Merge pull request #320 from slotThe/master 7 months ago
  slotThe 30d45f8993 Clean up Control.Monad imports 7 months ago
  slotThe 273ae32438 Replace 'join . fmap' with =<< 7 months ago
  slotThe 22aebcb26d Replace 'fmap f $ fa' with 'f <$> fa', apply functor laws 7 months ago
  slotThe e8da66e575 Replace liftM with fmap 7 months ago
  slotThe 0b26ddf489 Replace liftM2 with liftA2 7 months ago
  slotThe 53b57eba14 Replace `liftM` and `fmap` with <$> 7 months ago
  slotThe f3024e6779 Remove unnecessary imports of Control.Applicative 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey f98095d33e
Merge pull request #311 from skewerr/master 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 809ba2a8c0
Merge pull request #310 from psibi/named-window 7 months ago
  Sibi Prabakaran a8d41df92b Added allApplications to XMonad.Prompt.Window 11 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 7100e7db4f
Merge pull request #315 from tidues/master 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 6040fe6c8f
Merge pull request #318 from slotThe/master 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey b87e801872
Merge pull request #317 from budevg/fix-spelling-mistake 8 months ago
  slotThe 48e6bb5529 X.A.Search: Update hoogle URL 8 months ago
  Evgeny Budilovsky 3c7d58b836 XMonad/Actions/Search: fix spelling mistake 8 months ago
  Wilson Sales 6eae27390d Added module X.A.PerWindowKeys 9 months ago
  tidues b43fdcb57f edit CHANGES.md 8 months ago
  tidues 599c0f8613 XMonad.Layout.TallMastersCombo v1.0 8 months ago
  tidues 6da250003f XMonad.Layout.TallMastersCombo v1.0 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 60101b9a70 Bump version number to 0.16 for the upcoming release. 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 5f1fc602ab CHANGES.md: document changes from 303f0c24bc 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 303f0c24bc cabal.project: the new setlocale version works fine 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 8df80e7805 travis.yml: re-generate with the latest version of haskell-ci 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 36dba39c44 cabal.project: don't hard-code paths to ../xmonad and ../x11 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 8847b3b2f6 cabal.project: configure allower-newer for setlocale 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 1b061245af xmonad-contrib.cabal: update our tested-with declaration 8 months ago
  Peter Simons 94662bffc6 XMonad.Util.Invisible: fix build with GHC 8.8.1 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 23102a6d5c
Merge pull request #289 from berkeleyinc/improved-left-right-tabbed 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 728f9bc270
Merge pull request #299 from pkinsky/master 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey d9856b955a
Merge pull request #303 from obszczymucha/master 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 603fc4ccb7
Merge branch 'master' into master 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 65e7153874
Merge pull request #309 from ryantrinkle/pass-generate-and-copy 9 months ago
  Ryan Trinkle 6a0dc1685c Add XMonad.Prompt.Pass.passGenerateAndCopy 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 41e8708eb5
Merge pull request #308 from kurnevsky/fuzzy-sort 9 months ago
  Evgeny Kurnevsky 18979de5f6
Make fuzzy sort show shorter strings first. 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 5ffb4e7f52
Merge pull request #307 from ryantrinkle/pass-traverse-symlinks 9 months ago
  Ryan Trinkle 52a3800b96 Make XMonad.Prompt.Pass traverse symlinks for its tab completion 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey dd89eae446
Merge pull request #300 from roosemberth/refocuslast 1 year ago
  Obszczymucha 6b68ec5c00 Add SplitShiftDirectional message into BinarySpacePartition layout. 1 year ago
  Sibi db80842e65
Merge pull request #301 from h-jones-uk/master 1 year ago
  Henri Jones 4e4856c722 Fix broken internal Haddock links 1 year ago