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  Brent Yorgey 4ad6ecf892
Merge pull request #297 from ajgrf/bg-ratio 6 months ago
  Brent Yorgey fcd296e87a
Merge branch 'master' into bg-ratio 6 months ago
  Brent Yorgey fddd5ea1fe
Merge pull request #298 from orhan89/pass-otp 6 months ago
  Ricky Hariady c3cee11ad6 Support OTP in XMonad.Prompt.Pass 6 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 22e6d4b017
Merge pull request #296 from ajgrf/adwaita-theme 6 months ago
  Alex Griffin fcced8991a Hooks.WallpaperSetter: Preserve aspect ratio while scaling images 7 months ago
  Alex Griffin bfb52a5025 XMonad.Util.Themes: Add adwaitaTheme and adwaitaDarkTheme 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey c53436f3a6
Merge pull request #178 from bforte/module-MutexScratchpads 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 66c1977c29
Merge branch 'master' into module-MutexScratchpads 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey a18395a13c
Merge pull request #295 from alhirzel/add-isOnAnyVisibleWS 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel ca69574cfe Actions.GroupNavigation: add CMS import 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel faa252e309 Actions.GroupNavigation: another import issue 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 71fec4f61a Actions.GroupNavigation: fix bad import 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 0301d6e21b
Merge pull request #294 from alhirzel/add-isOnAnyVisibleWS 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 0cfe3a288e whitespace reformat in changelog 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 84c63abda6 Add changelog entry for isOnAnyVisibleWS 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel e12511c658 Actions.GroupNavigation: move "Utilities" header for documentation 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 52890f6007 Actions.GroupNavigation: document isOnAnyVisibleWS 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel 51bc32ea75 Actions.GroupNavigation: add isOnAnyVisibleWS 7 months ago
  Alex Hirzel cce7f50372 Actions.GroupNavigation: hlint fixes 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey ba9b108a68
Merge pull request #263 from bgamari/ewmh-wakeup-reduction 7 months ago
  Brent Yorgey e12c047870 move change from #284 to the right place 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 2ce876c330
Merge pull request #284 from skewerr/master 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 3faa9b2c38
Merge pull request #292 from wz1000/master 8 months ago
  Zubin Duggal 6720eefce7
update CHANGES.md 8 months ago
  Zubin Duggal cf789504e8
Use absolute paths in DynamicProjects 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey deaaf6b177
Merge pull request #287 from mgsloan/bracket-prompt-resources 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 60b35ff431
Merge branch 'master' into bracket-prompt-resources 8 months ago
  Brent Yorgey cd404eb644
Merge pull request #291 from mgsloan/fix-prompt-max-rows-wrap-around-217 8 months ago
  Michael Sloan d9f43c78d6 Fix XMonad.Prompt wraparound when maxComplRows not Nothing #217 8 months ago
  Michael Sloan b9603a0e10 Also destroy completion window on exceptions #180 8 months ago
  Michael Sloan 09a5fa111c Use bracket pattern in XMonad.Prompt 8 months ago
  Michael Sloan 41a2db5563 Refactoring: helper for mkXPromptWithReturn and mkXPromptWithModes 8 months ago
  Yclept Nemo 1706160b14
Merge pull request #245 from orbisvicis/vimishPrompt 8 months ago
  Yclept Nemo 207d5962e2 Vim for 'XMonad.Prompt': backwards compatibility 1 year ago
  Yclept Nemo c7e02726bf Vim for 'XMonad.Prompt': advertise changes 1 year ago
  Yclept Nemo b0d6e0f942 Vim for 'XMonad.Prompt': 1 year ago
  Brent Yorgey a774168415
Merge pull request #264 from namo626/module/TwoPanePersistent 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey 17da8bc8ee
Merge pull request #259 from u11gh/passEditPrompt 9 months ago
  Brent Yorgey c2c0585d7e
Merge branch 'master' into module/TwoPanePersistent 9 months ago
  Wilson Sales dd905d2603 X.A.DynamicWorkspaceOrder: add transformation-aware withNthWorkspace 11 months ago
  L. S. Leary dda242a459 Relocate change in CHANGES.md. 1 year ago
  Leary 204524328d
Merge pull request #282 from anthraxx/fixup/prompt-fuzzymatch 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 81a980823e Bump version number and update the changelog. 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 677e64dcf6 travis.yml: enable builds with ghc 8.6.1 1 year ago
  Peter Simons c5c3fec26c inhale: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 59fbcdfba9 dumpExcept: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 778e32305f dumpString: avoid monadic pattern matching in pure code 1 year ago
  Peter Simons 5334130bf7 historyCompletion: prefer Data.Map.foldr over deprecated fold function 1 year ago
  Peter Simons aca76956ba xmonad-contrib.cabal: support containers-0.6 from ghc-8.6.x 1 year ago