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  Robert Helgesson 235a6617c4
readme: add notice that relog may be needed 11 months ago
  Lorenzo 93b10bcf3c
readme: fix .gitconfig example 1 year ago
  Lorenzo Manacorda 4971e3735e
readme: clarify bash/zsh compatibility 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson 6e67bb7ae6
doc: add installation instructions to manual 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson a37b5c9c61
Change installation instructions to use nix-channel 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson ef29f321e0
readme: switch stable channel to 18.09 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson 5013155e58
readme: documentation is now hosted on GitLab 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson dfaccdd03b
readme: make branch suggestion more clear 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson bbcef2fd33
readme: add link to online options documentation 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson 9141d11a7d
readme: update stable NixOS version to 18.03 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson a154e2ea1a
readme: add basic rollback instructions 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson 4f9158e533
readme: add note about session variables file 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson 26cf42049d
readme: minor rewording 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 06d4f39e7b
home-manager: use `shellHook` to install 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 4ccf43d753
readme: use IcedTea in example 2 years ago
  BjornMelgaard fc3e82584b
readme: expand preconditions installation step 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson df84c466c1
readme: update installation instructions 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 01d46a1751
readme: current NixOS stable is version 17.09 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson fb5dbe13c2
readme: minor fixes 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson e1bceb2adb
readme: add 'console' syntax highlighting 2 years ago
  Linus Heckemann 34428fc709
Add overlay and instructions for using it 2 years ago
  Nikita Uvarov 82c5aa82d2
readme: add man page info 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 07b4228988
README: add instructions for `release-17.03` branch 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 0aa549f07b
home-manager: support `.config` configuration path 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson a4e96843e5
More descriptive header in README 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson dfb5bbddf5
Expand installation instructions slightly 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 6e3085dc22
Add note about using graphical services to README 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 88ec7145ba
home-environment: prevent overwriting existing files 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 62a9a8fa3c
Update README for 17.03 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson d8a9182187
Fix configuration example in README 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson a5c8362f7b
home-manager: improve command line option handling 2 years ago
  Robert Helgesson 853e28647d
Add basic README file 2 years ago