611 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthieu Coudron 81dae2f88e
alot: support contact completion 9 months ago
  Douglas Wilson 74811679b7
systemd: sanitize unit derivation names 8 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 93f5fcae1e
msmtp: use `<parameter>` for CLI options in description 8 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 92d4e3e75a
autorandr: remove unnecessary `method` attribute 8 months ago
  Terje Larsen 03f1aea069
autorandr: add support for xrandr scale and dpi 9 months ago
  Mario Rodas 6da88339f5
git: allow contents in git.includes 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson e0e8d5061d
keychain: add news entry 8 months ago
  Mario Rodas 62e73b17d2
keychain: add module 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 799a90ecfa
fontconfig: make fonts accessible when in NixOS module 1 year ago
  Robert Helgesson ef168979bf
nixos module: support NixOS user packages install 1 year ago
  Wael M. Nasreddine 2093cf425f
tmux: general improvements and added options 9 months ago
  Olli Helenius a3462daeb1
msmtp: use XDG config directory 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson a334a941c4
tests: bump to latest nmt version 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 1cdb8abf30
git: add basic support for LFS 9 months ago
  Ingolf Wanger fbdb5beb59
nixos: use correct username for systemd service 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 2f372ab4d6
Clean up support code for Home Manager as a submodule 9 months ago
  Lorenzo Manacorda 524ce43e23
doc: add "See also" section to manpages 9 months ago
  Lorenzo Manacorda 7f8e139413
doc: remove extraneous contrib element 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 99d79d0a80
doc: move home-manager man page to section 1 9 months ago
  Jonas Holst Damtoft 0ca1bf3cfd
emacs: add service module 10 months ago
  Matthieu Coudron c18984c452
neovim: allow to override package 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 445c0b1482
git: use `attrsOf` instead of `attrs` 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 0590c2a4f6
mbsync: add basic test of result configuration 9 months ago
  Nadrieril 81ec856a0f
mbsync: add some required assertions 10 months ago
  Yurii Rashkovskii 2410bc603b
nixpkgs: fix installation on non-x86 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 45cadbd4f3
git: quote sendemail section header 9 months ago
  Amarandus 02a5a678f6
irssi: add module 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 98f534e172
flameshot: add bars to systemd After 9 months ago
  Matthieu Coudron a68c8cf5f1
git: generate identities from mail accounts 9 months ago
  wedens 604fc92943
polybar: add /run/wrappers/bin to PATH 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 008d93928f
xembed-sni-proxy: add module 9 months ago
  Jonas Holst Damtoft 601619660d
fish: use global for abbr 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 4aa07c3547
doc: bump copyright year to 2019 in man pages 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson f3f7c5cc57
doc: reformat XML files 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson c035046999
doc: add basic release notes 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson e15cd64ac9
Update LICENSE file for 2019 9 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 59a4ac71f9
i3: replace use of types.string by types.str 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 7c04351a57
files: allow a wider range of source file names 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 46f787950a
tests: bump nmt version 9 months ago
  Adam Washington 6a244b3a8d
matplotlib: add module 10 months ago
  John Wiegley 3cf8b9ea86
ssh: add `proxyJump` option 10 months ago
  Nadrieril df8a14e12a i3: add bar.extraConfig option 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson f6ec26075d
tests: simplify test names 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson c42206db02
i3: add test of keybinding merge logic 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson bb64012914
tests: bump nmt to latest 10 months ago
  Nadrieril d5cc53a4e1
i3: reallow using null to disable a keybinding 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 55100918cc
dunst: avoid error on missing dunst process 10 months ago
  Robert Helgesson faee571850
dunst: kill daemon on configuration change 10 months ago
  hyperfekt 6f422785c3
fish: autogenerate completions from man pages 11 months ago
  David Guibert a7affc93ba
msmtp: add extraConfig account option 11 months ago