1024 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Diego Alvarez 5baa0c300f
faq: show how to add the nixpkgs-unstable channel 1 month ago
  Bruno Bigras 2d88cbe496
spotifyd: user -> username 1 month ago
  Cole Helbling 8369624512
systemd: don't page failed user units 1 month ago
  Paul ee1c40e5c5
keynav: use correct `ExecStart` command 1 month ago
  Owen McGrath 2f2a4396c6
lf: add module 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson cb17f1ede2
Add preliminary release notes for 20.09 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 42e4eef749
Update documentation for release 20.03 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 7613fd12ec
doc: document `dagOf` and `gvariant` types 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson f735fac91b
doc: bump nmd revision 1 month ago
  Robin Stumm f0710115c5
kakoune: add missing hook name 1 month ago
  nurelin 8c920682e6
sway: remove restart command from sway configuration (#1155) 1 month ago
  Terje Larsen 9905ab5087
fish: fix fish plugins complete path update 1 month ago
  dawidsowa b3bbc8b769
xdg-user-dirs: add user-dirs.conf 1 month ago
  Lisa Ugray 3a5cd90631 bat: add custom themes 1 month ago
  Bruno Bigras 3e3de8cee2
i3/sway: fix typo in fonts option (#1152) 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 687395ebda
home-manager: remove unsupported `-2` option 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson e5325c2274
home-manager: fix shellcheck warning 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 3461ceebc0
firefox: remove options removed upstream 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 133badb297
ssh: deprecate the list form of match block 1 month ago
  Robin Stumm 86ccd8fecb
kakoune: implement whitespace highlighter config 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson f6afd95ef8
tmux: fix broken test case 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 022228e0aa
ssh: switch type of matchBlocks to listOrDagOf 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 8ad4bd6c1b
types: improve dagOf and listOrDagOf 1 month ago
  Piotr Bogdan 9f223e98b7
gnome-terminal: add `cursorBlinkMode` option 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 2102b4e7b3
home-environment: minor fix of DocBook code 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson ebdfa06685
tests: update nmt 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 41094aa3c7
neovim: fix docbook syntax in option descriptions 1 month ago
  Jonathan Ringer 09abc29b73
neovim: add vimdiffAlias 3 months ago
  Terje Larsen 5b7b9821e0
qutebrowser: add support for list values in settings 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson ee18288eeb
codeowners: add entry for mako 1 month ago
  Jonas Heinrich f856da6690
mako: add module 2 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 5cdbfc9064
Add code owners and pull request template 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 068ff76a10
gitlab-ci: improve NUR update trigger 1 month ago
  Justin Lovinger b7737f1732
qutebrowser: add module 1 month ago
  Tobias Happ d06bcf4c97
targets.genericLinux: add module 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson dd538c2969
home-environment: add option `sessionVariablesExtra` 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson f56c4187a4
screen-locker: add option `enableDetectSleep` 1 month ago
  Diep Pham 1fd874b7ea
go: add goPrivate option 2 months ago
  Griffin Smith 5ff245790d
gtk: add bookmarks option 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson 1cfc0a3203
sxhkd: add dummy package in tests 1 month ago
  Robert Helgesson a128e35927
Update nixfmt and apply to a few more files 1 month ago
  Matthieu Coudron dd93c300bb vim: avoid using alias of vim-sensible 2 months ago
  Michael Millwood 14f83a46d0
kakoune: fix set option 2 months ago
  Timo Kaufmann 5969551a5c
home-manager: add instantiate subcommand 2 months ago
  Carlos Tomé 7fa890462d
zsh: support extra settings in oh-my-zsh plugins (#1106) 2 months ago
  Ruby Iris Juric 78a0bbb38b
picom: add module 2 months ago
  Erik Arvstedt e2414c4a4f
systemd: improve systemd-activate.rb script 2 months ago
  Robert Helgesson d11803d7b4
syncthing: install man pages to user profile 2 months ago
  Robert Helgesson 19dd9866da
dunst: install man pages 2 months ago
  Robert Helgesson f080f29292
faq: outline how to override packages 2 months ago