Precursor to Effective Ruby.
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* Chapters
** Automated Testing
*** What Testing Is and Isn't
- Automation (you're going to test anyways)
- Regression
- Code coverage
*** Approaches to Testing
- Testing Methodologies
- Test Driven Development
- Write test before you write code
- Behavior Driven Development
- Testing Techniques
- Black-box testing
- White box testing
- Testing Scopes
- Unit Testing
- Integration Testing
*** Ruby Testing Facilities
- Test::Unit library
- Brief mention of RSpec and Cucumber
- List of test unit assertions
- Mocking
- Fuzzing
*** Writing Effective Tests
- Write them before you write the code
- Get them to fail
*** Chapter Recipes
- Replacing a method without mocking because of side effects
(setting a variable)
- Testing without an internet connection using mocking and local
** Content Ideas
*** Blocks
**** Knowing if a block takes arguments
*** Return vs Break vs Last
*** Ruby Object Model
**** Review of class methods and variables
*** Method dispatch and collisions
*** defined?
*** Creating new classes at runtime
*** Contextual `self'
*** Closures
*** Singleton Classes
*** Parallel Computing
**** Threads vs. Processes
*** Performance Considerations
**** Each loops vs. For
*** Introspection
**** Listing variables, methods, and constants
*** Modular Programming with Modules
*** Unit Testing and Mocking
*** Debugging
*** Object Serialization
*** Writing Ruby Modules in C
*** Date Manipulation