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  1. 2012-07-05 Peter Jones <>
  2. * Emacs: Update color theme, with improved colors for ERB,
  3. whitespace, and error messages (flymake).
  4. * Emacs: Change the frame title so it displays the full name of
  5. the file that is currently being edited.
  6. * Emacs: Add a message to the frame title when a buffer hasn't yet
  7. been saved to a file.
  8. * Emacs: Typing while text is selected (there is an active region)
  9. will now replace the selection with whatever you type.
  10. * Emacs: Add a major-mode for editing YAML files.
  11. * Git: Ignore Emacs temporary auto-save files so they don't get
  12. added when you do a `git add .'
  13. * ZSH: Auto-correction is now case-sensitive and won't try to help
  14. you pick the correct case.
  15. * ZSH: The `e' alias is now a function that tries really hard to
  16. make sure there's a running Emacs to connect to.
  17. * Linux Desktop: Automatically start an Emacs daemon when you
  18. log-in.