25 Commit (master)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  pjones 62cc97ea1a fuck 13 anni fa
  pjones 6315c481c8 fuck 13 anni fa
  pjones 1f8162ddec move sql to correct location 13 anni fa
  pjones 20f643bf0a fucking forgot semi-colon 13 anni fa
  pjones 00dfa3715a update report title 13 anni fa
  pjones e3983aa977 add a report for only vendors on-hand 13 anni fa
  pjones 8f88fdcc9d add shell option 13 anni fa
  pjones 7ccbe93ff8 update 13 anni fa
  pjones da1d82975b forgot this was perl 13 anni fa
  pjones e1f6df8965 add tool to zero out a line 13 anni fa
  pjones 03a4a09344 fix long-standing bug where a table text widget can't start with a zero 13 anni fa
  pjones b974354e02 don't allow these to get installed over the existing ones 13 anni fa
  pjones 6b1d9d0d78 fix a retarded bug where the hour on the bottom line had an extra zero 13 anni fa
  pjones bc3f49687b first stab at fixing part_num bug where it can't start with a zero 13 anni fa
  pjones 890d7ca75f allow negative numbers to be typed 13 anni fa
  pjones 526aeb58d0 allow negative numbers 13 anni fa
  pjones 4a15b26dd8 remove negative restriction 13 anni fa
  pjones c273eeed5f try to fix a gay perl parse issue 13 anni fa
  pjones 50c72130af freaking perl, forgot a ';' 13 anni fa
  pjones 164d93b8b3 allow connecting to another database, update version 13 anni fa
  pjones 9e4b7d2f81 set version 13 anni fa
  pjones 0e6d313cc4 fix a typo 13 anni fa
  pjones 59319ec0a2 allow a sale to send an inventory item to a negative on-hand-quantity 13 anni fa
  pjones c319f82c4e add prepos back into revision control 13 anni fa
  pjones 60e9faf600 sc: creating prepos module 13 anni fa