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  Peter J. Jones 00ce820e6b Add JS for hiding (tucking away) floating controls 11 years ago
  Peter J. Jones 1f2e3cca6b Turn into an engine 11 years ago
  pjones 1ccc065416 add link_to_remote_with_spinner 12 years ago
  pjones 4d4fcb507b add the asset code 12 years ago
  pjones 0c095b28ee add a spinner to the in place editor 12 years ago
  pjones 85529fdeef add matching controller code 12 years ago
  pjones aaa048079a first chuck of code 12 years ago
  pjones c09d96c20c sva: creating https://pmade.com/svn/oss/jsextras/trunk for project jsextras. 12 years ago